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The First Twenty Years

by Tobias Rosenberger

Multimediale installation Pavel Gudimov Art Center Ya Gallery Kiev Organized on the initiative and in partnership with Goethe-Institut in Ukraine Curated b...

Video-Game > “Organic”

by touk

You must help the bee to pollinate the flowers quickly ! It's a part of a collection of game arcade ("the collector & the drinker") Made by Maxime Sch...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy. It takes the decision-making out of sound selection...


by mrkva

JONO is a software musical instrument inspired by modular synthesizers. By providing mixture of classical and experimental elements it can serve as an interest...

A ambisonic granular magic wand

by Augustine Bannatyne - Leudar

An electronic musical instrument composed of wii controller components, a microphone and associated software which uses ambisonics to spatialise granularised au...

All Is Domain

by kodamapixel

All Is Domain was a final undergraduate work I produced at COFA (UNSW) in 2010. The concept behind this piece is to allow the participant to explore a hidden hi...

The Blend

by Al Thumm

Audio Multiplier and Vocoder ...What It's About...  The Blend consists of three main sound sources: 1) audio input (microphone, guitar, etc) ...

UMMU Server

by tgdrakarg

Application (UDP-MIDI, MIDI-UDP) built with MAX

osynth for the microTone

by grimnebluna

osynth is a free microtonal polyphonic synthesizer with various oscillator types and random-modulation sources. It was written for the microTone iPad app and re...

Colour Motion

by westwick

Early prototype of a movement based music generator.  Instructions below if you want to try it out yourself. Aim The goal of this project is to create a...


by nakataka

Than the step sequencer or Arpeggiator, is a tool to more easily, can be more intuitive, make a loop phrase. This is a Midi Plugin. After this t...

Interactive bar table

by ćwiek

It's just a kind of interactive advertisement.

pucktronix.golgi. apparatus

by surgesg

pucktronix.golgi.apparatus is a cellular automata-based music sequencer application, with OSC output. The interface is divided into two parts - the “world...

Liminal Processes: The Living Utterances of Speaking Applications

by esouther

Liminal Processes: The Living Utterances of Speaking Applications Can a machine, a computer, create a living utterance? A talking machine is required to fol...

Friendly Hand Drawing

by Roberto Attanasio

This application turns any photo or video to recreate the classic visual effect "hand-drawn". Is interesting make a the test with high quality video since the e...


by Stefano Scarani

Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner Biomechanics sybil, cyborg-priestess, of this world and this time, Casfandra, the oracle, probe into the past, look at ...


by jamoma

Jamoma is an international and open-source project defined as a platform for interactive art-based research and performance. The project is led by an internatio...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX Pixiphone, an ambient instrument that models a child's toy then enlarges it with spectral delay, reverb, brightness, hit strength, attack and decay. In...

Runxt Life – OSC to MIDI

by Runxt

RUNXT LIFE is a generative music application created for the iOS® platform based on the cellular automaton theory “Conway’s Game of Life” by John Horton ...

Nike Lunar + ESP – Measure your jump

by Mattijs

This project is part of a number of installations that introduce new Nike shoes in the windows of the Selfridges shopping centre in London in the context of the...

Research of Design

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone, I'm here to present you a new A/V project. I like to create audio-reactive visuals, and this project is the result of an extremization of all o...

I was Fritz Moen

by Erik Hedin

Theater project for the Riksteatret (National touring company of Norway) and theatre MANU (National theatre for sign language). The play is about a deaf man ...

Circles Drum Machine

by Barrios

DRUM MACHINE rules! Just a simple, fun patch. It has 4, 16-step sequencers displayed as circles. Change the number of boxes by adjusting the circle dial below e...


by Andrew Blanton

Panoptics is a immersive realtime interactive environment exploring the cross sections of realtime data visualization, our connection to the data being continua...

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