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by farfisavox

Moment by Moment from Nathan Harmer on Vimeo. This is a visual/audio collaboration between Nathan and Fae Harmer using a mindful approach to composition. All...


by jinkukim

WildBeasts @WildBeast Concert Hall @ Calarts It is an Audio-visual realtime live performance.  


by ennio mazzon

MICROPONY is a small software synth for sound design and experimental music developed by Skriða. Download and donations here:

OpticoAcoustic Reactor (OAR) light

by Panayiotis Velianitis

An interactive standalone app expanding the third party app "whispering hights" possibilities to midi, live audio and sampling. An extended version is ...

lenticular [album series]

by lewis lepton

this is an ongoing series, consisting of hour long [1hr 20mins with 002 onwards] compositions directed to electronics, ambient, improvisation and good ol' music...

Variations II Of Variations II(Mapping In motion)

by jinkukim

Projection mapping on Moving objects and music composition inspired by John Cage Variations II of Variations II is a kinetic sculpture inspired by John Cage'...

Linear interpolation Particle Synthesizer

by jinkukim

Sample Morph(Linear Interpolation) Particle Synthesizer It is a granular synthesizer that built with Max5 and cSound(Based on Partikkel Opcode) The Envel...

Fiat Lux

by Ricardo

A collaboration between Josefin Johansson, Daniel Sørensen and Ricardo del Pozo. This was a performance presented at the Oslo Fashion week in 2010.  We also d...


by nakataka

Than the step sequencer or Arpeggiator, is a tool to more easily, can be more intuitive, make a loop phrase. This is a Midi Plugin. After this t...


by Ricardo

Note: I often think that time is as relative as the individual’s perception of what is right and wrong. How is my experience of a minute different from you...

Controlling Max/Msp patch using TouchOSC

by cvdamme

We created a template in TouchOSC to change parameters in our max/msp patch. Using a ios device (iphone/ipad/ipad), we can now change the colors of our AudioCub...

FM synthesizer for AudioCubes

by cvdamme

Percussa created an FM synthesizer for the AudioCubes in max/msp. You can use the patch to make sounds using the AudioCubes without needing any additional hardw...

Notationer # 1 – 4

by Jakob Riis

An installation for a 4 channel system of loudspeakers and papers. 4 pieces of tracing paper are mounted in front of loudspeakers. All sounds are created by the...


by ooeevv

ORQUESTRA ELECTRÒNICA DEL VALLÉS Software for perfect Sync via Wi-fi. Made with M4L. Ableton Live and Max/Msp. 29.04.2012 Canovellas - Barcelona ...

Quan el fang pren la paraula

by marco domenichetti

"What is the magic that is in the eyes of a child when watching for the first time a giant? They believe that they are certain and life ... As children we were ...

Meltdown – Location Audio Game

by Varun Nair

A wormhole is detected. Nothing is seen. Disturbances are felt. Things can be heard. You hear creeptures amongst a swarm of sounds. Find and kill all seven...

What Line is it Anyway

by Andrew Spitz

What Line is it Anyway? explores the way people interpret an adjective through the simple task of drawing a line. We crowd sourced 1300 people to draw us a line...

tremor control

by tosh chiang

It's an automated earthquake simulator, with 6 inches of physical travel, 8.2 audio, dmx lighting effects, as well as mechanical effects-- all tied together thr...

operand – pas de son

by lewis lepton

an experimental ambient/drone album. made using my own built [hantera] software, using the max/msp environment. using only sine waves to bend and manipulate...

A ambisonic granular magic wand

by Augustine Bannatyne - Leudar

An electronic musical instrument composed of wii controller components, a microphone and associated software which uses ambisonics to spatialise granularised au...

Potter’s Wheel

by irvn

Using the built in web-cam, this uses a kaleidoscope process to create the illusion of a potter's wheel. The duplication, both vertical and horizontal, can...


by shimoda

Custom Midi CC interpreter/controller for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick with extra features. Should be compatible with additional logitech and possibly ...

midiBrain – midi looping and performance tool -

by sysex

midiBrain is a built pc app (have to write a guide how to use the mxf-file with mac and the runtime but need a mac to try out..anyone?). It records and loops...

Color to Sound IV

by irvn

Added MIDI, and support for use in MAX Runtime and the Apogee Duet and the Tascam US-2000 usb=> analog audio converters, and for shutting off the RGB or CYM...

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