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UMMU Server

by tgdrakarg

Application (UDP-MIDI, MIDI-UDP) built with MAX

osynth for the microTone

by grimnebluna

osynth is a free microtonal polyphonic synthesizer with various oscillator types and random-modulation sources. It was written for the microTone iPad app and re...

Colour Motion

by westwick

Early prototype of a movement based music generator.  Instructions below if you want to try it out yourself. Aim The goal of this project is to create a...


by nakataka

Than the step sequencer or Arpeggiator, is a tool to more easily, can be more intuitive, make a loop phrase. This is a Midi Plugin. After this t...

Interactive bar table

by ćwiek

It's just a kind of interactive advertisement.

pucktronix.golgi. apparatus

by surgesg

pucktronix.golgi.apparatus is a cellular automata-based music sequencer application, with OSC output. The interface is divided into two parts - the “world...

Liminal Processes: The Living Utterances of Speaking Applications

by esouther

Liminal Processes: The Living Utterances of Speaking Applications Can a machine, a computer, create a living utterance? A talking machine is required to fol...

Friendly Hand Drawing

by Roberto Attanasio

This application turns any photo or video to recreate the classic visual effect "hand-drawn". Is interesting make a the test with high quality video since the e...


by Stefano Scarani

Stefano Scarani and Julia Chiner Biomechanics sybil, cyborg-priestess, of this world and this time, Casfandra, the oracle, probe into the past, look at ...


by jamoma

Jamoma is an international and open-source project defined as a platform for interactive art-based research and performance. The project is led by an internatio...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

WHITEBOX Pixiphone, an ambient instrument that models a child's toy then enlarges it with spectral delay, reverb, brightness, hit strength, attack and decay. In...

Runxt Life – OSC to MIDI

by Runxt

RUNXT LIFE is a generative music application created for the iOS® platform based on the cellular automaton theory “Conway’s Game of Life” by John Horton ...

Nike Lunar + ESP – Measure your jump

by Mattijs

This project is part of a number of installations that introduce new Nike shoes in the windows of the Selfridges shopping centre in London in the context of the...

Research of Design

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone, I'm here to present you a new A/V project. I like to create audio-reactive visuals, and this project is the result of an extremization of all o...

Put On Your Tin Foil Hats

by farfisavox

This is part three of a three part project produced by Nathan Harmer (sound artist, musician, programmer, producer, performance artist and composer), the previo...

Point Ones (for augmented conductor and ensemble)

by alexanderschubert

For augmented conductor small ensemble (violin, cello, saxophone/clarinet, e-guitar, drum kit, piano and conductor) In Point Ones the conductor is equipped w...

CODA – Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll (Theater der Klänge)

by Tobias Rosenberger

"CODA - Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll" interprets in two parts with music, dance, light and interactive video the conversion possibilities of the baroque Bach’s...


by Garrett

Netscapes is an automated application which uses live feeds from networked webcams to create combined and imagined landscape compositions, networked landscapes....

Whitebox Ambibell

by whiteboxsynthmakers

Inspired by Ableton's Ambient and Evolving instruments, this is an ambient soundscape thing. I've used patches from Pluggo's Big Ben Bell, Chamberverb, Raind...

Grain core

by pm

Grain core is a sampling granulation tool. It allows for many types of audio granulation and sound effects. It is a very powerful tool that can maximize the p...

interactive pictureframe

by MJ

An interactive picture frame. The xyz-position of the viewers head in the room is connected to the position of the virtual camera. Pacing back and forth f...

The Drone Machine

by Julien Bayle

This Max for Live device is a soundgenerator. It is designed to produce unique & complex drone textures & soundscapes. Features - 1 raw & nois...


by balam

Exp.Ins.X " Exp.Ins.X" is an interactive installation and experimental instrument that incorporates projection and sound generated by a wireless box made o...

Sound Art Movement

by Rik Payne

Sound Art Movement - A sonic art Max Msp & Jitter patch constructed in which participants can interact with their environment to create ‘sound art’. ...

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