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by kyleevans1123

de/Rastra - The de/Rastra oscillographic synthesizer is a real-time audio/video instrument and computer-interfacing device tha...

Organ of the Forest

by Al Thumm

:: features :: A beautifully crusty organ sound ADSR envelope MIDI or QWERTY note input Easy MIDI mapping of controls and effects Master effects ...

Organ of Fragments

by Al Thumm

:: features :: 4 channel sampler organ -- drag-and-drop up to four samples and mix dynamically Play and loop samples polyphonically via MIDI device or QWE...


by oscii

« … the basis of existence comprises three elements: this, the impediment and that. » — D. Harms Impediment is an interactive installation that exp...


by chubbylittlefatman

This program is loosely based on the “kaoss pad” by Korg. It consists of four separate sample players each of which has its own sequencer. Each player is u...

Show Us Your Video Tapes (Tin Foil Hats Live @Tapescape Catford)

by farfisavox

Fae Harmer Nathan Harmer Johnathan Pigram Performing an adaptation of 'Put On Your Tin Foil Hats' with CRT TV's and VCR's as source material. All sound wa...

[.talktome]: adaptive/dynamic audio prototyping for video games

by Yiannis Ioannides

Hello everyone, So this is the official demo presentation I showcased tonight in Berklee College of Music, as part of my senior project in Electronic Product...

UMMU Server

by tgdrakarg

Application (UDP-MIDI, MIDI-UDP) built with MAX


by Nick Donovan

An intermedial artwork inspired by Brian Eno's ambient work 'Music For Airports (1978) and Marc Auge's 'Non-Places' (1995). The work explores a digital non plac...


by juan

MATRIK Digital Audio Patch-Bay for Mac OS X Simple and powerful control of your audio workflow MATRIK features a powerful matrix interface that allows yo...

Nord Lead Patch Viewer

by larme

A work-in-progress Max program to view the parameters of the patches dumped from nord lead synthesizer. Details at


by Kyred

«ElectroNight» ("Nuit Electronique" in french) is an immersive setup : public will evolve into a fantastic sound and visual space, in 3 dimensions of listenin...

Audium Visium

by kguglielmino

Audium Visium is an audiovisual, sample-based instrument created within a two week time span. It has 8 sample buttons, 3 looping buttons, 4 effects knobs, 1 Ard...


by Al Thumm

Data-Feed-Powered Synthesizer   ::Features:: Multi-waveform synthesizer -- sine (with optional FM), triangle, saw, square Paste data feeds from...

Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen! (interactive operation)

by michel8

Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen! (interactive operation) (Insatiable – The Game With The Hungry Ones) by Michel Winterberg An interactive mech...


by Peter McCulloch

The SubtleSonic EnvelopeShaper processes the sounds by boosting or cutting the attack or decay. It does this by comparing the difference between two volume leve...

Improvisor, music composition application, for AudioCubes made in Max/Msp

by cvdamme

Improvisor is a music composition application created for the AudioCubes by Percussa. It is a music sequencer that allows you to compose complex melodies and rh...

AntiLoop M

by AudioMatt

AntiLoop M is a new application for the creation and use of markov chains to make music. Novel aspects of AntiLoop M include an intuitive GUI for creating chai...

Flext External for AudioCubes

by cvdamme

The flext external allows max/msp developers to easily create applications for the AudioCubes, because it is an add on object for Max/Msp. You can directly talk...


by mrkva

JONO is a software musical instrument inspired by modular synthesizers. By providing mixture of classical and experimental elements it can serve as an interest...

Controlling a Hardware Modular Synthesizer using Evolvor, Arduino and Max/Msp

by cvdamme

Control the custom modulation curves of an analog modular synthesizer using Evolvor, Arduino and Max/Msp. Evolvor has the ability to create complex LFO waveform...

Parametric Synth Control for Dynamic Sounds with Evolvor

by cvdamme

Evolvor is a sound design software created in Max/Msp by Percussa. Although Evolvor was developed for the AudioCubes, it can also be used without the AudioCubes...

MeshWarpServer – a new 3d mapping tool

by maybites

MeshWarpServer is a versatile Mapping Tool to create complex Video Projection Installations. Its functionalities can be compared with VideoProjectionTool or Mad...


by fluxus

Saxophon & Max/MSP

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