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by vesslan

This is a loop player I made using Max/MSP and Reactivision, fully integrated with Ableton Live. Its has some neat features such as pan & volume on X/Y axis...


by Lasse Kolding

telePort is a live performance oriented music program made as a standalone prototype with MaxMSP 5. It lets you integrate hardware and software instruments a...

an interactive video improvisation for multi-percussion and computer

by Chow Shern

My first time using Jitter for thie project. Bascially what I did is that, I clipped the webcam at the performer's music stand and using the external usb cable ...


by Andrew Spitz

phonoLapse is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows that lets you create audio time-lapses.

Color to MIDI III

by irvn

This uses suckah to track mouse position over monitor to create MIDI info for external synth modules.. or internal ones, like Native Instruments Komplete series...

The Granulizator for Ableton Live

by Julien Bayle

After a lot of requests about it, here it is for you: OUR granulator. FEATURED by MATRIXSYNTH We have to thank you a lot for you enthuastic requests all ...

Jitter Fractals

by bertrandfraysse

The image creation relies on a video feedback loop with rotation, zooming, position displacement and contrast/luminosity/saturation modifications. The input is ...

The Blend

by Al Thumm

Audio Multiplier and Vocoder ...What It's About...  The Blend consists of three main sound sources: 1) audio input (microphone, guitar, etc) ...

USA PROJECTS: Videocello, an interactive video improvisation for electric cello and computer

by Jeffrey Krieger

Since 1989 I have been exploring improvisation and realtime interaction on the electric cello using the computer and video. Technology has allowed me to create ...

Honours Project basic Demo

by Keenbop

Home Scan is a new innovative home instalment that upgrades your way of living to the modern day standards you would expect in the 21st century. It integrates R...

video and sound live installation

by carlomarza

This is a video-sound work , all in max msp , 4  laptop plus one  interaction by ethernet , the first make a sound by granularization , second filters the res...

AnalogKick: Bass Drum Synth

by Peter McCulloch

AnalogKick is a bass drum synth based on the design of the TR-808's bass drum, and is capable of producing sounds quite similar to the original. It also adds...

me, doing this.

by Andrew Spitz

me, doing this. is a programme built in Max/MSP that visualizes myself programming this programme to visualize myself programming… Yip, coding inception. I...

Lamplight Tracker

by Al Thumm

Grid-based Sample Sequencing -- Based on classic tracker software :: features :: Drag and Drop sample loading Tracker-style sample sequencing -- trigge...


by furrii

Music and Visual controlled and shaped by movement. A study of the influence of a body's movement on the sound and visual environment. fLUX is a first step i...

Word Sequencer

by Justin Sheriff

I go to Berklee College of Music and major in Electronic Production and Design. Last summer I began to work earnestly, entirely on my own, designing a word seq...


by Brian Cantrell

WaveForm is a sculptural and audio/visual environment created as my master's thesis at USC, Columbia that reacts to the high frequency electromagnetic radiatio...

multitouch iPad OSC controller

by Adrian Gierakowski

A custom multitouch OSC controller.

Installation > “Painting Wall”

by touk

Painting Wall is a participative vidéo composition. You move in front of the wall to draw picture, your body is like a pencil. The artist, it’s you ! P...

JUKE Cylinder

by maasaamiichii

JUKE Cylinder is a cylindrical interactive device to metamorphose hands to various musical instruments like a guitar, a piano, a flute, and users are able to co...

Color to Sound Converter w/ SUCKAH

by irvn

THis prototype uses suckah to generate the RGB values from the mouse position, then (which is why this is prototype) create a sound— this one simply uses saw...


by Al Thumm

Automatic Algorithmic Music Generator   :: features :: Algorithmic music generation via audio and MIDI 3 individual voices with definable wave-...

«Körperfelder» an interactive audiovisual installation

by michel8

«Körperfelder» (Body Fields) by Michel Winterberg invites the viewer into a playful interaction: The exploratory movements of his hands and arms causes a v...

Amplify Panoramic

by Al Thumm

Stereo-Spread Amplification, Distortion and Effects -- Created primarily as a guitar amp for recording and performance, but can be used for any audio input &...

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