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Halloween “Theremin” Ghost

by Hugi Gudmundsson

I made this simple little thing for a Halloween party at my daughter's kindergarten and it proved to be a great success with the kids. The youngest didn't want ...

Deferlow – Cichli (Autechre CoveRemix)

by naetron

This video demonstrates my process for real-time electro-acoustic performance. It's a system I've been working on for a few years. I've chosen Autechre's "Cichl...

Square Bender

by Al Thumm

QWERTY trigger-pad sampler with fluid audio manipulation   :: Features :: Trigger-pad sampling with the QWERTY (alphabet) keyboard Drag-and-Dro...


by Roberto Mucchiut

First Swiss execution of Mixtur (Karlheinz Stockhausen 1964), for orchestra, 4 sine-wave generators, and 4 ring modulators (

Take Care

by LSka

Video for the track "Take Care" by LSKA. The video was mad using a particle system interacting with a Kinect's depth map.


by Phijel

This instrument was created as part of our latest interactive dance spectacle “Absorbe-moi” The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with so...


by kdevices

THE SMART AUDIO DESTROYER Shaper is a Max For Live audio effect for audio destruction. Using on first two different algorithms for wave-shaping, audio sig...

Controlling Max/Msp patch using TouchOSC

by cvdamme

We created a template in TouchOSC to change parameters in our max/msp patch. Using a ios device (iphone/ipad/ipad), we can now change the colors of our AudioCub...

CRONE: Polyphonic textural comb drone synth

by Peter McCulloch

CRONE is a comb-filter-based polyphonic drone synthesizer.  It uses pulse waves and noise to excite comb filters; stereo lowpass filters shape and pan the soun...


by dtr

A realtime sculpture in spatial light and sound. Integration.04 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren. His instrument projects light and sound structures ...

Honours Project basic Demo

by Keenbop

Home Scan is a new innovative home instalment that upgrades your way of living to the modern day standards you would expect in the 21st century. It integrates R...

The Echo Nest Analyzer

by Ben Lacker

en_analyzer~ is a Max external that provides an interface to The Echo Nest's audio analysis API. The Echo Nest provides automatic musical analysis that uses mac...

“The model kit” interactive spatial performance

by njazz

"The model kit" is an interactive spatial audio performance. The performers with musical instruments are placed in different places of the big space. The mus...

NASENFLÜGELTANZ – Sample Triggering on Max 5

by juan

In this patch we present a sample triggering implementation on Max 5 designed for Stockhausen's NASENFLÜGELTANZ vom SAMSTAG aus LICHT. It was used to rehearse ...

BASSO: A Fat Max4Live Monosynth

by Peter McCulloch

BASSO is a monophonic synth for Max for Live designed to deliver fat basslines and leads.  It features loads of oscillators, two stereo filters, saturation, ha...

Saxelectro Moving Heads L.P.M. Rome 5.23.13

by saxelectro

Saxelectro Project Live MOVING HEADS Andreas Mourtzoukos (saxelectro) L.P.M. Edition XIII May 23rd - 26th 2013 21.54 pm Thursday 23 May Brancaleone Via ...

Digital Winter (Hiver Numérique) V2 – kinect

by Kyred

Here's the second version of this audiovisual installation. The device has been reviewed for a kinect integration, thanks to [jit.freenect.grab] and to all the...

Max/MSP Real-Time VJ Interface

by lextelex

The concept behind my Max/MSP patch “VJ 1.0!” was to make a computer’s keyboard behave similar to an electronic drum pad; however instead of sounding an a...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A rework of a Max for Live TB303 with added phasor and an extra waveform. Pieced together into a rack with some chorus and fuzz to give it a Roger Fripp quality...

Building Materials

by owen lloyd

Building Materials is an installed composition, made in direct response to the architecture and use of Exeter Phoenix arts centre. Sensors spread throughout ...

Quan el fang pren la paraula

by marco domenichetti

"What is the magic that is in the eyes of a child when watching for the first time a giant? They believe that they are certain and life ... As children we were ...

Fuck Interpolation

by taavet

Computer generated and ink printed pictures are based on simple maxmsp jit.wake object error. Results are images what are made without human interference. one ...

Drumming Area v1.0

by Panchoguitars

At the time that we, as sound engineers, we must be proactive to every challenge posed by our clients in a recording studio (music productio...


by Kyred

«ElectroNight» ("Nuit Electronique" in french) is an immersive setup : public will evolve into a fantastic sound and visual space, in 3 dimensions of listenin...

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