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Compositor v2

by Ruslan

Technology and people are ready for a great leap in the music industry to refuse from hard work producing and performing electronic dance music. The algorithmic...

Digital Data Workstation for input, processing, and routing

by cudell

In a world of "big-data," our community is often faced with having to create custom programs to handle an unpredictable number of controller data, processing, a...

Finger controlled Follow Spot

by jgastonraoul

The goal of this project is to discover how skeleton sensors like Leap Motion can help performing arts technicians to control automated lightings (these experim...

Dark Synth, a Max for Live Instrument

by Maurizio Giri

The Dark Synth is an additive synthesizer with some unique characteristics. You can define a waveform of up to 2048 partials (sine waves) for its main oscillat...

Guitar solo using max/msp in live concerts.

by syndromenu

Electric-Guitarists on stage, typically use very strong gestures and expressions, "heavy" sounds, and an ability to hold a long last solo. Therefore, it is ver...

AnoTag – Akiba-kei VJ Software

by mirrorboy

AnoTag is a VJ application for Mac. It is originally developed for enhancing VJ style of Akiba-kei Otaku. Akiba-kei VJs prefer to play relevant videos in respon...

Bassnectar Remix Music Visualization

by vision

This is a Bassnectar remix where I used a few of my favorite songs. Magical World, Feeling Good, Butterfly, Lights, and Timestretch are the songs that I used. I...


by Meriol Lehmann

"1983" is a new media installation about the impact of implicit memory on the way we react to various stimuli inside a territory. It is also a reflection on our...

Talkie Box

by audiomeals

This is one of my last audio tools I`ve designed for games and films studio work. Basically it`s an all-in-one solution to create Radio & Walkie-Talkie voic...

Crayonada’s Hat

by musicmanasman

My most recent composition, written for Max/MSP and Ableton Live. The audio samples I utilized were actually the individual tracks from a previous compositio...


by mfred

The interactive and audiovisual installation av@ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection in the center of the experience. In this clo...

Max MSP Book, Volume 2 – Electronic Music and Sound Design – English Version

by Maurizio Giri

Electronic Music and Sound Design Theory and Practice with Max and MSP - Volume 2 by Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri (ENGLISH Version). Publisher: ConT...

attractor etc

by IvnOs

Inspired by the possibilities of new technologies , audioartist Andrew Svibovich and writer Nikita Begoon created magical performance combined on genres such as...

CODA – Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll (Theater der Klänge)

by Tobias Rosenberger

"CODA - Bachs Cello Suite in c-moll" interprets in two parts with music, dance, light and interactive video the conversion possibilities of the baroque Bach’s...

M4L: Imperial Grains Package

by Roberto Attanasio

Hello everyone! I created this two tools for Sound Design and Sound Experiments with Ableton Live and Max/MSP. Clip Based Imperial Grains (CLICK HERE FOR ...


by Mark Durham

Sound design tool built around convolution reverb.

Take Care

by LSka

Video for the track "Take Care" by LSKA. The video was mad using a particle system interacting with a Kinect's depth map.

Long Way Home

by kabelton

Long Way Home is a kinetic narration and spatial experience, in which a kite moving along in a circular path is used in a projected environment. The loop struct...

Template for Reason 5 with MIRA

by PapyLives

Hi everyone, I'm working on templates to control Reason 5 with MIRA for iPad. I hope that will help some Reason 5, max/msp and MIRA users ! Now, y...

VL70m Wizard

by imoxplus

Project: Build a new VL70-m Editor/Librarian/effect manager for the Yamaha Virtual Acoustic Synth module VL70m. The VL70-m Module is a synth module that allo...


by Julien Bayle

Abstract ALPHA is the codename of a series of audio-visual live performances planned for 2014. It involves sounds, visuals and algorithmic sequencing provid...

Phase Distortion Synth

by pechmann

This is my (first, finished) synthesizer. It is a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer for Max For Live, using various techniques of phase distortion in a feedback ...

CV Toolkit – Standalone Version

by IcaroFerre

CV Toolkit is a standalone application that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sl...


by sciajno

Sonoplastic is an audiovisual performance based on gesture analysis to produce and control sounds and images. Musician’s gestures during performance has been...