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Alter Your Playing (AYP) Guitar

by badassaxeman

This project entails the use of an Arduino, some circuitry, pressure and proximity sensors and the Maxuino front-end utilizing OSCroute.  I track the sensors' ...

Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold

by alexanderschubert

Alexander Schubert Your Fox's A Dirty Gold (2011) For solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics 14'   ...

liquid rutt-etra

by giorgio

An experiment using Rutt-Etra scan in Jitter on a liquid synth patch. Use 3D glasses.

Einstein VideoPlayer

by Guilherme Martins

Einstein is not just a tool to play videos, it allows anyone to play a list of videos, cross fading between them, with the possibility to adjust the video out...


by dimbels

read16bitmap12x24.bmp is a patcher that encodes a given image-file into a midi song. Each color value is assigned to a note on a pentatonic scale. The image-i...


by Thomas Sandberg

INTER_FACE is a multi-media-music-solo performance created and played by /thomas_sandberg. INTER_FACE is investigating the boundaries between the human bein...

Saxelectro Project Live ” moving heads ”

by saxelectro

Saxelectro Project Live ” misty ”

by saxelectro

Saxelectro Project Live ” to the war ”

by saxelectro


by Guillaume Evrard

Trombinotron is an interactive installation made by Nicolas Roos and Guillaume Evrard. It allows people to take pictures from themselves. These pictures are ...

Baby Reindeer

by Norbert Herber

This generative EP plays continuous music that drifts within a mood without repetition, making it an ideal companion for reading, work, relaxation, and those ti...

Music of Structures

by soundimizer

Architecture Is Frozen Music The aim of the project was to turn the structures into music: shape, form, internal tensions and so on. I extracted relations...

Sound Art Movement

by Rik Payne

Sound Art Movement - A sonic art Max Msp & Jitter patch constructed in which participants can interact with their environment to create ‘sound art’. ...

Frog MiniMoogEmu

by crispypancakes

audio project

All Possibilities

by Tobias Rosenberger

Interactive Light Installation @Daning Life Hub in Shanghai / China

Grey Matter: Interference

by alexnathanson

Video artist Alex Nathanson's interactive video project, titled Grey Matter, creates pop-up video environments for collaborations with live musicians. Based in...

drawn only once: the music of john supko performed by due east

by supko

In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Mak...

Rock Vibe

by rupadhillon

Rock Vibe is a Rock Band-like game for blind and sighted gamers. Instead of providing cues on a screen, it uses vibrations to tell a player what button(s) to hi...

Wob FX

by ernestoceccodortona

-Teaser track by Daniel Sommer- FIRST PLEASE DOWNLOAD WOB FX FONT HERE "Looking for wobble? Look no further. The new Wob FX Max for Live device, developed...

Digital Landscapes

by sublimemachine

Using Jitter's OpenGl I made a program for myself and for other graphic designers that allows you to control shapes, morph images, change colors, light and move...

Blip Shaper, Creating Patterns and Shaping Sounds

by cbannis

Creating drum patterns with a monome and shaping the individual sounds that make up those patterns with a touchscreen visualization. In the process of doing th...

Software Defined Radio in Max/MSP

by tkzic

Software, documentation, tutorials, video's, photo's, etc., are at: Description: A software defined radio receiver in Max/MSP...


by oli larkin

Kasio-M4L is an updated and improved version of my Casio CZ-style phase distortion synth, packaged as a Max4Live device, featuring 32 presets, many of which are...


by Will Johnson

This is a study in human thought processes of discomfort. The performers have to draw something that makes them as uncomfortable as possible, leading them on th...

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