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by farfisavox

Moment by Moment from Nathan Harmer on Vimeo. This is a visual/audio collaboration between Nathan and Fae Harmer using a mindful approach to composition. All...

Monomatic: PEAL

by nick rothwell / cassiel

PEAL is an interactive sound installation for The Leeds Arena which models the layout and operation of a traditional church bell tower, replacing the bell ropes...


by Al Thumm

Automatic Algorithmic Music Generator   :: features :: Algorithmic music generation via audio and MIDI 3 individual voices with definable wave-...


by Guillaume Evrard

Trombinotron is an interactive installation made by Nicolas Roos and Guillaume Evrard. It allows people to take pictures from themselves. These pictures are ...

WTPh? – What the Phonics

by Andrew Spitz

WTPh? is an interactive installation made by Momo Miyazaki and I (Andrew Spitz). Street names in Denmark are close to impossible for foreigners to pronounce, so...

Nagi #2

by nakataka

"Nagi" is an application that captures sound of everyday , and then mixed with the gentle sine wave, relax one's mind you. In # 2 this has developed the "Nagi...


by André Rangel

Demonstration of a theoretical correspondence proposal between audible and visible spectrums.

Software Defined Radio in Max/MSP

by tkzic

Software, documentation, tutorials, video's, photo's, etc., are at: Description: A software defined radio receiver in Max/MSP...

SAOL : Interactive Dance Performance

by furrii

An excerpt from rehearsals of the Floating World Productions performance SAOL. Live visuals and sonics controlled by Dancers Movement.

Grain Crusher – Max for Live device

by Maurizio Giri

The Grain Crusher is a Max for Live device which performs “Extreme Grain Manipulation”. It is essentially a noise and glitch FSU audio effect: you can get a...

rnd manager / an alternative score display utility

by rodolphebourotte

rndmanager is the name for an external written in C for MAX/MSP 5. The idea is to allow for a different style of music notation system, which can be altered ...

MeshWarpServer – a new 3d mapping tool

by maybites

MeshWarpServer is a versatile Mapping Tool to create complex Video Projection Installations. Its functionalities can be compared with VideoProjectionTool or Mad...


by chubbylittlefatman

sjseq creates algorithmic variations on basic drum patterns. The basic pattern is stored as a list of probabilities for each note over the course of the bar, wi...

drawn only once: the music of john supko performed by due east

by supko

In drawn only once, Due East (Erin Lesser, flutes / Greg Beyer, percussion) features two of John Supko’s multimedia projects, Littoral and This Window Mak...


by Al Thumm

Data-Feed-Powered Synthesizer   ::Features:: Multi-waveform synthesizer -- sine (with optional FM), triangle, saw, square Paste data feeds from...

Granular Mirror Maze

by Maurizio Giri

Granular Mirror Maze is a Max4Live Audio Effect device, it falls in the FSU category: extreme sound manipulation, with chaotic feedback. It is available at my ...

Baby Reindeer

by Norbert Herber

This generative EP plays continuous music that drifts within a mood without repetition, making it an ideal companion for reading, work, relaxation, and those ti...

Nord Lead Patch Viewer

by larme

A work-in-progress Max program to view the parameters of the patches dumped from nord lead synthesizer. Details at

SubtleSonic Super6 Detune

by Peter McCulloch

Super6 is a detune plugin based on a reverse-engineering of the Roland JP-8000 SuperSaw oscillator. The original SuperSaw oscillator used 7 stacked detuned saw...

Parametric Synth Control for Dynamic Sounds with Evolvor

by cvdamme

Evolvor is a sound design software created in Max/Msp by Percussa. Although Evolvor was developed for the AudioCubes, it can also be used without the AudioCubes...

Saxelectro Project Live ” to the war ”

by saxelectro


by Peter McCulloch

The SubtleSonic EnvelopeShaper processes the sounds by boosting or cutting the attack or decay. It does this by comparing the difference between two volume leve...

Controller for Ableton Live with Max for Live as interface

by Julien Bayle

I needed my own controller for Ableton Live. I built it in a diy mind and I'm using max for live as an interface between Ableton Live and the hardware.

video and sound live installation

by carlomarza

This is a video-sound work , all in max msp , 4  laptop plus one  interaction by ethernet , the first make a sound by granularization , second filters the res...

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