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M4L Tide Synthesizer

by kleine

M4L Tide is a 8 voice synthesizer with some special features. This synthesizer can be used in Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live. It accompanies my new 10-track a...

Lumisonic Synaesthetics

by spacestrings

Here is a run through of the setup for the laser controlled music thingy! This is not how it sounds as it is just ticking over whilst I am filming and when I do...

The Augmented Drum Kit – Frrriction EP

by Christos Michalakos

The Augmented Drum Kit consists of a traditional jazz drum kit mounted with sensors, contact microphones, speakers and bespoke software programmed in MaxMSP. Th...


by Rui Caldas

WiiDrum is an virtual drum. It uses MIDI messages to control the drums sounds, but it's design to be used with the Wii Drum Controller from Guitar Hero 5, becau...

A big max5 permanent installation supporting Meditteranean Cinema

by Julien Bayle

Design the Media & I have been targeted & approached about a big Max5 installation project for a permanent exhibition (check this post) I made it! ...

Euclidean Rhythm Generator

by Jurgen

A MAX FOR LIVE DEVICE. Version 2.3 with new Dynamic / Density modulation feature. Inspired by the paper 'The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Mus...


by romaindumaine

SMD (Koichi Samuels and Romain Dumaine), performing their composition for improvised performance 'Orchard', using their bespoke MAX/MSP, Kinect and TouchOSC sys...

Audiovisual Modular Synthesizer for AudioCubes: Synthor

by cvdamme

Synthor is an audivisual modular synthesizer application for AudioCubes made in Max/Msp. To build the max/msp patch we've used the max/msp external for audiocub...

Flower´s silence in empty guns

by maingardt

Flower´s silence in empty guns (2012) for piano, live electronics and Wii sensors. Piano: Paulo Àlvares WP: Departure 5, Musikfabrik Cologne

Just Intonation Toolkit

by tom_mudd

The Just Intonation Toolkit is a very simple free resource that allows musicians to hear and play intervals other those found in equal temperament tuning system...


by furrii

Music and Visual controlled and shaped by movement. A study of the influence of a body's movement on the sound and visual environment. fLUX is a first step i...

MFL in a drumkit

by hungaristani

The goal of the project was to create a drummer-friendly performance environment for my solo project Endre-eNerd where Live reacts instantly to all commands and...


by lewis lepton

version 1.1.1 [updated release, second february] with the rise of granular synthesis becoming more and more popular, either being with synthesizers or sample m...

Body Sound Suit

by balam

The Body Sound Suit is a bio-gesture capture and trigger system; it is inspired by the arduino drum project. The suit captures human gestures/body movemen...

Arperk and Randrum

by leitvox

Arperk and Randrum are the first series of applications of the music project ‘Leitvox’. Arperk is a dynamic arpeggeator composed of three interconnected,...

Matrix Delay

by kryshe

Matrix Delay is a delay effect with 4 Delaylines that are randomly connected to each other over a Matrix. The Project is primarily designed for running it over ...


by micrography

"Inserting pieces of actual reality often removes the magic of virtual reality." - Aaron Ben-Ze'ev (2004, Love Online: Emotions on the Internet) FacebookL...

VL70m Wizard

by imoxplus

Project: Build a new VL70-m Editor/Librarian/effect manager for the Yamaha Virtual Acoustic Synth module VL70m. The VL70-m Module is a synth module that allo...

Variations II Of Variations II(Mapping In motion)

by jinkukim

Projection mapping on Moving objects and music composition inspired by John Cage Variations II of Variations II is a kinetic sculpture inspired by John Cage'...


by Andrew Spitz

phonoLapse is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows that lets you create audio time-lapses.

Video-Game > “Atom”

by touk

You move into the world of the atom, an unstable world, where anything can happen. Your goal: eliminate foreign molecules attracted to the core, otherwise th...

Kflux, Max For Live granulator device

by alessio

Kflux is a Max For Live device for granulation of sound. It’s very easy to use : it has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each functio...

0800 Rhythm Machine

by 88888

The 0800 Rhythm Machine is an eight-channel multi-voiced step-sequenced groove-shaping wood-panelled instrument. It is designed to be used as a standalone groov...

The Large Hadron Sound Collider App

by Nick Donovan

Around 8 months ago I posted a work-in-progress version of a max patch that was to combine the ideas (lite) behind the Large Hadron Collider research at CERN wi...

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