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March 2011
Barcelona, Spain


‚ÄúPORTRAIT I‚ÄĚ is a generative installation conceived as an audio-video digital portrait. In this particular version the subject of videos is the creator himself, therefore it is a form of self-portrait.

Couples of videos are superposed, played and looped at high rates, so to obtain the bizarre behavior that could be associated with psychological disorders. Musical sequences are associated with videos in a random way, although the expressive content is in line with the general idea of a grotesque representation, with fast rhythmic sequences alternating percussive timbres and vocal like sounds.

How was MAX used?

The projects is entirely realized with MAX/Msp/Jitter. QuickTime videos are coupled, played at high rates and associated with audio files in random combinations. Audio files are played by Max but were previously realized by using vocal synthesis (Csound), dynamic filtering (Max/Msp) and articulatory synthesis (Praat).


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