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Mixed Reality Gaming via MAX

6th Sept. 2010
Aarhus, Denmark

As a master thesis project, we have developed a MAX-Unity Fishtank Virtual Reality environment and developed games for it, using only headtracking as input. Via the tracking system and a large stereoscopic projektion, two players can simulataneously look into – and interact with – a virtual room extending the physical room from their own individual perspectives.

How was MAX used?

We have developed seven externals for max, making it possible to callibrate single cameras and multicam setups, and use them for triangulating multiple points in absolute space. Four of the objects are based on OpenCV, and all externals plus the maxpatch we used, have been posted to the forum hoping that it finds use elsewhere.

Mixed Reality Gaming via MAX

Apr 26, 2012 at 7:36am

“..have been posted to the forum ..”
Where is the forum?


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