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VJ Mode 1.5 – A new approach to AV performance!

May 1, 2010
Greece / UK

VJ Mode 1.5 is an application that is used by VJs and visualists for creating visual shows in clubs, venues, festivals, and so on. In VJ Mode you can use multiple file locations with media content and automate the selection process for great flow control. There is a multiband audio extraction module that can be used to trigger a number of processes such as file selection, mixing amount, alter RGB values or FX parameters and many more. It includes dozens of visual effects, and it also supports unlimited Freeframe plugins. There is an audio visualization tool where you can select a number of audio sources and create 3D reactive visuals. In VJ Mode you may find multiple connectivity protocols such as MIDI, OSC, TouchOSC templates, and a collection of Max for Live plugins that can be used in Ableton to control your audiovisual performance. Also it offers multiscreen output with keystone configuration for each screen (3D mapping for example). In general, it offers a unique tool for creating stunning VJ shows.

How was MAX used?

MaxMSP, Jitter, and Javascript have been used exclusively for the development of this project.

VJ Mode 1.5 – A new approach to AV performance!

Jul 26, 2010 at 8:36pm

Current updates for VJ-Mode include:

Windows XP, Vista Support
iPhone Communication
OSC Support
Remote OSC Controller (external application)
Remore Keystone Controller (external application)


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