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Software Klee Step Sequencer (v2)

Dan Nigrin
11/16/2009 (version 1); 10/25/2010 (version 2)

The Software Klee Step Sequencer is a MIDI-enabled recreation of the hardware Klee step sequencer – developed with the input of the sequencer’s creators! It reproduces almost all of the features of the hardware version, and adds many new features as well.  It is cross-platform, Mac and Windows.

Many new features have been added in version 2, including:

  • VST instrument hosting
  • Intelligently constrain output notes to a user-selected scale
  • Output chords based on active root note – up to 6 notes in chord, plus root note
  • External pattern load via MIDI or audio input triggers
  • External MIDI controllers support via MIDI CC messages, with MIDI learn ability
  • Group A – Group B output
  • Convert active LEDs to active switches, for Groups A, B, or A and B
  • Reverse sequence direction
  • Built-in clock divide capability, now with additional options

Check the web site for more info, downloadable demo, more videos, etc…

How was MAX used?

This application was created completely in Max/MSP, version 5.1.6.

Software Klee Step Sequencer (v2)

Dec 22, 2009 at 8:54pm

This thing is awesome… I was about to build a hardware Klee, this has made it a lot cheeper, and works with my MIDI stuff too!


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