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Tap Tempo – improved accuracy

26th june 2010
Manchester, UK

This is a project to facilitate the syncronisation of a live drummer with samples and sequences, without using a click track but by using a tap tempo via a midi pedal. Ableton live has its own tap tempo function but the tempo can often be inaccaruate, as it is updated every tap often sequences, when triggered will be at the incorrect tempo. It is controlled via a midi foot pedal, the tempo is is updated every 4 taps, to improve the accuracy further the algorithm uses the last 8 taps (if avialable, the first 4 taps will also preoduce an estimate) to calculate the tempo and uses the median value (50th percentile) of the time between taps (this is more robust to outlies the mean). Rewire is used to control the host application. The result is a system that has been tried and tested in realtime live situations where samples and sequences are reliably syncronised with a live drummer.

How was MAX used?

Max was used to write an advance tap tempo calcualte or for accurate syncronisation of a rewire host application with a live drummer.

Tap Tempo – improved accuracy

Dec 1, 2012 at 6:29pm

Hi there, I was wondering how do you connect it to a midi foot pedal, ive managed to get it working with live but am having trouble getting it to work with midi foot pedal?


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