Square Bender

QWERTY trigger-pad sampler with fluid audio manipulation


:: Features ::

Trigger-pad sampling with the QWERTY (alphabet) keyboard

Drag-and-Drop audio files for instant creativity

Instant control of samples — QWERTY keys are pre-mapped, ready to go

Trigger, gate and loop playback modes

Fluid Pitch Control — Pitch control of samples with infinite range and MIDI mapping

Instant forwards/reverse playback toggle

Visual waveform control — precisely define loop positions

Multiple step sequencers

Unique node sequencers — control sample looping off-the-grid

Node-based volume control — visual mixing of up to 26 channels

Easy MIDI mapping of controls and effects

Full suite of effects — delay, reverb, distortion, ring mod, and more

in-Built Recording

Save/Load all interface and effect settings

How did this project use Max?

Created entirely in Max 5