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the freQ

December 2012
Athens, Greece

‘the freQ’ is an Audio Game made entirely on Max/Msp.
It exercises pitch perception, memory and reflexes in a musical way.
Concept: Player first chooses a frequency and then tries to identify his chosen frequency among others in incoming streams that become more and more complex.
The game makes no use of graphics – player responds to sonic instructions, thus making it
fully accessible for blind and visually impaired players.
You can find a free demo version and a paid full version in our site, in the section ‘downloads’
Current versions work on all windows-pcs and instructions language is english.
It does not need installation, just unzip and double click on the .exe.
Full version features a highscore module, 60 soundscape-points to beat and 3 difficulty levels
(dependant on the smallest possible interval to the chosen frequency: tone – semitone – microtone).

How was MAX used?

It is programmed entirely on Max/Msp

the freQ

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