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VW – Amarok Pikap : Interactive Percussion Playing Pickup

alp tugan
Istanbul / Turkey

Filika (Istanbul) designed and produced an Interactive Percussion Playing Car for Volkswagen’s breathtaking pickup Amarok. Several sensors were implemented on the board, so that the participants were able to trigger percussion sounds via tapping their hands on the car.

For more information and our other projects filika design

How was MAX used?

Technically speaking, there were two types of sensors to gather user interaction data. Force Resistive Sensors were placed on the front panel and piezzo sensors were placed on the sides of the car's body. Received user interaction was mapped onto a code via customized Arduino Board. Arduino code was commuicating with a sound patch that was built in MaxMSP/Jitter, and finally delivered into Ableton Live as Midi Data. In sum when a person taps onto a sensor that hides under the car's surface, that interaction was turning into a percussion sound. There were tons of cables, sawing, soldering, coding and etc...Check our video and website for more information.

VW – Amarok Pikap : Interactive Percussion Playing Pickup

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