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What Line is it Anyway

Andrew Spitz
March 2012
Denmark, Copenhagen

What Line is it Anyway? explores the way people interpret an adjective through the simple task of drawing a line. We crowd sourced 1300 people to draw us a line by using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which is an amazing platform to get people (called workers) to do a simple task without them knowing the bigger picture or context.

We asked each worker to draw us a line from ‘start’ to ‘finish’, the only other information we gave them was that they had to do it according to an adjective. For example, we asked them: “Draw a spiky line”. Each worker got paid 2 U.S dollar cents.

This project is made by Andrew Spitz and Umesh Janardhanan and was part of the Data Visualization module at CIID, run by Golan Levin.

For more info, please visit my blog:

How was MAX used?

Although we mostly used Processing, a huge part of the development was done with Max. We pre-visualized all the logic and general look-and-feel. We also used it for a big part of the list processing.

What Line is it Anyway

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