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Whitebox Malletbox

October 2012
Brighton, England

Whitebox Malletbox is an ambient percussive instrument with a user-recordable buffer. The buffer has four variables that change pitch, direction and tempo of playback. Live notes from 5 presets with up to 32 note polyphony can be played over this or mixed in to create intriguing soundscapes, further enhanced by stereo image, envelope shape and low-pass filter effects.


Choose voice from 5 preset harmonics.
Set polyphony from 1 – 32
Vary left and right pitch for tonal richness and dissonance if desired.
Set envelope: just Attack and Decay to play with.
Vary stereo setting according to required width of sound.

Filter delay, lowpass cut-off, stereo feedback levels.

Click record to fill buffer with approx 5 secs of notes. It stops recording after this time.
Playback. If nothing happens adjust dry/wet balance
Still nothing? Go to

Move sliders from zero position. Minus values play in reverse, Positive forwards.
Sliders slow down playback tempo or speed it up according to position.
New notes can be played over buffer playback without changing it. OR
New notes can be recorded into the buffer while the old notes are playing.
This is not an exact science though.




To capsella on for original buffer code at

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Whitebox Malletbox

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