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28 Nov 2012
Brighton, England

Designed for the musician who is either in a hurry, bored with tweaking parameters and/or extremely lazy.

It takes the decision-making out of sound selection. Enjoy some free-time and let Whitebox do the sound-design for you!

There are NO user-presets on the outside of this box.

Click on any of the 16 preset buttons to get a sound.

The heart of this instrument is Laverne, the subtractive synth by Pluggo linked into a reverb unit and Rye.

“Rye is part of the Pluggo Signature Series Granular Synthesizers. Rye offers a basic palette of controls for real-time granular synthesis, including a unique stereo effect that uses phase reversal.” it says here…

How was MAX used?

Written with Max MSP


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