Authorization: Max 6

Demo Mode

Max is fully functional for the first 30 days. No serial number or authorization required. Buy Max from our shop after your demo expires.

Lost Serial Number ?

Do you own Max 6 but want to authorize Max 5?

Paid Mode

If you own Max 6, you can authorize with an Internet Authorization (instantaneous) or
iLok (24-hour wait).

Internet Authorization Instructions

  1. If you haven’t already installed the software, please do so by downloading Max 6.
  2. Launch the Max 6 application.
  3. Click “Authorize”.
  4. UNcheck “Use my iLok smart key” and click “Next”.
  5. Leave “Internet activation” selected and click “Next”.
  6. Enter the serial number in the prompt of your web browser.
  7. Click the “Authorize” button and your computer is authorized.

Important Notes

  • If you get a new computer that you’d like to install this software on, you may do so by following the same steps listed above.
  • If you need multiple authorizations, while Cycling ’74 limits the total number of computers a user can authorize, our single-user license agreement does allow multiple authorizations, as long as the software is only running on one personal computer at a time.
  • If you do not have internet access on the machine being authorized, or Internet Activation fails because of connectivity issues with our authorization server, you may attempt Manual Activation instead, and submit your Challenge string to the Challenge/Response Authorization Form
  • If your license includes Gen, the Gen objects will become authorized alongside Max when you follow the above instructions. If you do not own Gen, you may use Gen objects that contain pre-existing patchcode, but you cannot edit Gen patchers.

If you have followed the instructions and still cannot authorize, please email the details to

iLok Authorization Instructions

  • If you do not own an iLok and would like more information, please visit the iLok website.
  • iLok authorization is not available for Student 12-month Max.

  1. Review the iLok FAQ.
  2. Go to the iLok Authorization Form.
  3. Enter the required iLok information.
  4. As soon as your iLok account has been verified, an asset will be deposited, and you will be notified.