FAQ: Website


Why doesn’t my website login work for online shopping?

Our online shopping system is separate from our website (forums, commenting, submissions), and the two logins currently do not allow integration. If you have purchased products using our online shopping system in the past, there is a password recovery system.

How do I log in to see what products I own? How do I get my Max serial number?

How do I create a website user account?

Use this form to create an account. After you have an account, you can comment on posts, post to the forums, or submit your projects and tools.

How do I change my login/profile?

After you log into the website, choose “View Your Profile”, and then “Edit Your Profile”.

How do I delete my account or change my username?

Please submit a request to website@cycling74.com.

How do I add an icon to my profile?

Visit Gravatar.com to create an icon which will be associated with your website user account.

I tried recovering my password, but I never got the email. Why?

Check your spam folder. If you don’t see it there, then please contact technical support and include the details of your problem.


How do I submit a project or tool?

You must have a website user account. After you log in, visit the Projects Page or the Toolbox Page and click the “Add New” button. You can also “manage” your projects and tools after they have been published.

I submitted a Project, but it hasn’t been published. Why?

Please confirm that you actually “Submitted” it. Saved “Drafts” will not be published. After we receive your submission, we look it over for any problems and then publish it. It can take up to a week, but it’s usually done within a day or two.


Can I comment on all website pages and posts?

You can comment on most of them. If you want to make a comment or have a question about a page that does not allow commenting, please send us an email with the page URL and your question.

When I submitted a comment, why didn’t it show up on the page right away?

We moderate the comments submitted to our website due to a high volume of spam. After yours has been reviewed, it may then be approved and published. This can take up to a day or two. We generally don’t work weekends and holidays.


How do I get started?

Read the Welcome Post to get details for participation on the forums. You can register for an account if you do not already have one.

How do I post a Max patch or use one that has been posted by someone else?

Watch this video for instructions:

I haven’t used the Max Forum on this website before, but I used to participate on the old Max List. Can I use my old login information?

If you are an old Max List friend, you may already have an account on this current system. Recover your new password here.