FAQ: Keyserver

What is Keyserver?

The Sassafras Keyserver authorization scheme is a way to parse out a specific number of authorizations to a large collection of machines on a server. It acts like a library where one machine holds the total number of authorizations and any machine on the network may “check out” a license. Once the software is closed and no longer in use, it returns the authorization back to the pot where it may then be used by another machine.

Is there a special version of Max for Keyserver?

Yes. To receive the download information, email your name, school name and serial numbers to the support@cycling74.com.

What do I need to run a Keyserver version of Max?

In addition to your Keyserver running on some machine on your network, you need to install the KeyClient software from Sassafras on all machines that will be running Max. Please check their website to ensure you have the latest version ( or later); Max may not work with earlier versions. In addition, the computer running Max needs to be connected to the network so it can communicate with your Keyserver.

If I’ve already authorized Max 6 using the online authorization, can I still switch to the Keyserver option?

Absolutely! Go ahead and fill out the Keyserver Authorization Form and we’ll be happy to switch you over to the Keyserver method.

What products are available for the Keyserver authorization?

Max, Gen and Cyclops are all available for Keyserver authorization. Please note that if you own Gen or Cyclops, they will automatically be included as part of your authorization.

How do I submit an authorization request?