FAQ: Ordering and Sales

General Questions

How do I log in to see what products I own?

You can see your products and transactions by logging in to our online shopping system which is separate from your website account. Use this link to log in, then choose My Account > Billing > See All Transactions.

To get your Max 5 or 6 serial number information, you will find a link in My Account > Support > Max 5 or 6 Serial Number(s).

How do I log in to place an order or submit a comment to the website?

To log into the website to make a comment, participate on the forums, submit a project or tool, visit the website login page.

To make a purchase, visit the product page you’re interested in, choose “buy now”, then choose “add to cart”. Alternatively, you can go directly to the shop login page before finding your item and choosing “add to cart”.

I’ve ordered the Gen add-on. What’s my Gen serial number?

Your Max 6 serial number will stay the same if you decide to add Gen. Likewise, if you originally purchase Max 6 and Gen together, you will have a single serial number that is able to authorize both products.

How do I buy a Max upgrade or crossgrade?

Visit the Max product page and choose “Buy Now” at top to see all the purchase options.

Student Questions

How do I qualify for the student price?

You must be currently enrolled in a school and have valid identification.

Do I have to be a student in the U.S.?

No. We accept international students, too.

Where do I send a copy of my identification?

IDs can be scanned or you may take a digital photo with your camera, phone, or computer and email it to academic@cycling74.com. IDs must be sent as JPG, PNG, or GIF (maximum size 500 pixels wide).

As a student, can I get discounts on all Cycling ’74 products?

No, just Max/MSP/Jitter and associated upgrades.

Downloadable Products

May I get Max in a box?

No. Max, its upgrades, add-ons and crossgrades are downloadable only.

Sales on Ebay

May I sell Cycling ’74 products on Ebay?

Only authorized dealers may sell on Ebay. If you would like to become an authorized dealer, contact our Dealer Sales Department.

What if I want to buy Cycling ’74 products on Ebay?

If you are a customer and are considering buying Cycling ’74 products from Ebay, contact us first to make sure the seller is authorized.

Selling Your Max Standalone Application

I would like to sell my standalone application. May I do that?