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iLok Authorization Form

Before filling out this form, please read the iLok FAQ and the Important Notes at right.

  • The 12-month Max license cannot be authorized with iLok.

Important Notes

  • Once your software has been authorized with an iLok, it is no longer valid for Challenge/Response or Internet activation.
  • Once your software has been authorized, you may not return, sell or transfer it.
  • Once an iLok request has been made and your asset has been deposited in your account, you will need to use the services available at in order to further process that asset. This includes such features as moving the iLok to another user account, selling the asset, and obtaining support in the event that your iLok key malfunctions.
  • Please read the "Terms of Use" page at for detailed information on the services which offers.
  • We do not have access to make changes to an iLok asset once the request for authorization has been submitted. We advise that you consider all these details very carefully before making your request.
  • If your iLok is lost or stolen you will need to buy a new software license! Please insure your iLok for the value of the software it authorizes.
  • If you are filling out this form for multiple serial numbers (for a single user ID), please enter all the serial numbers on a single form submission, or email with a list of the serial numbers that you are requesting to move over to iLok authorization, along with your iLok user ID.

All fields are required unless noted otherwise.
Choose the product(s) you own and would like to authorize:

Note: You will be notified when an asset is deposited into your account that you can transfer to your iLok. Once you have an iLok license authorization, Cycling '74 cannot remove the asset. Therefore, you cannot go back to Challenge/Response.