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Mini Interview: Amanda Ghassaei

Amanda Ghassaei is a software engineer and an educator with a background in physics, chemistry, math.

Special Effect Brings Live Cinema to the Museum of Moving Images

Last year, Peter Burr approached me with an intriguing Kickstarter campaign he was starting for a travelling show, and wanted to know if I would contribute a video. The concept was that a group of video artists would each make 30 second videos about “the Zone” from Tarkovsky’s film Stalker, and/or the book [...]

jit.phys Patch-along, Part 2

Patch along with Rob Ramirez and discover the Jitter Physics system.

jit.phys Patch-along, Part 1

Patch along with Rob Ramirez and discover the Jitter Physics system.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 2

Harness rigid bodies with the second tutorial video covering collisions and constraints.

Physics Patch-a-day

Get immersed in Jitter Physics with two weeks of daily patches.

Introduction to jit.phys, Part 1

Set up your first Jitter Physics world and work with rigid bodies to create simple motion simulation.

Recipe 53: FlyOver

    General Principles
  • Creating generative fractal landscapes
  • Creating a scrolling "slitscan" effect
  • Working with particle-like motion

Jitter Recipes: Book 4, Recipes 44-49

Max 6 brought a wealth of new tools -- including a full physics engine, support for complex scene hierarchies, advanced animation tools -- for making some really fine Jitter Recipes.

Max 6 Sneak Peek: Jitter OpenGL

See new Jitter features in Max 6.

An Interview with Tarik Barri

An innovative young artist based in Holland.