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An Interview with Julien Bayle

Learn how he uses custom hardware, Arduino, Ableton Live and Max to create his work.

The new Arduino Due is available!

The new Arduino Due The long-awaited Arduino Due is now available. This device, featuring an Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, is a huge generational leap for the Arduino platform. Using the same footprint as the Arduino Mega, the Due is faster, has more memory and more I/O than any previous Arduino, and puts it on a [...]

Sonic Robots – A M4L controlled robotic drum machine.

Behold! The MR-808 mechanical drum robot! Moritz Simon Geist has built a (giant) robotic version of the classic Roland 808 drum machine using Max for Live, Arduino, and a heap of solenoids. From his website: “I see hacking – in this case music hacking – as a form of anti-passiveness, through which I think the individual [...]

Science Fair Projects, Part 3

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their electronic experiments.

Ins and Outs with Max and Arduino

Scott Fitzgerald talks about his Expo '74 workshop.

An Interview with Valérie Lamontagne

Valérie Lamontagne is a digital media artist, designer, theorist and curator based in Montréal, Canada researching techno-artistic frameworks that combine human/nonhuman subjects. She recently used Max/MSP in a performance based on the Charles Perrault fairy tale “Peau d’Âne.”