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Cycling ’74 Features Software Update For JazzMutant Lemur At AES

Cycling '74 today demonstrated the recently released version 1.5 software for JazzMutant Lemur control surface. The update is available via download to all current Lemur customers. New software features in version 1.5 allow the Lemur to control many popular DAWs including Logic, Digital Performer, Live and Cubase.

Om NAMMa Shiva (Part N where N=3)

The nature of the booth traffic is visible not only in a relative dearth of exciting action demo photos on my part (I am giving them aforementioned demos, and thus otherwise occupied), but also in my relative lack of trade show mobility. There are a few exceptions.

Om NAMMa Shiva (Part N where N=2)

We’re behind the Apple booth. This is a good thing in that we are beside and right in the demo audio line of fire of the Sony booth; two such circumstances would probably make anyone mad as a hatter.

Om NAMMa Shiva (part N where N=1)

Greetings from the Los Angeles equivalent of a serious cold snap (which equates to an exceptionally nice respite from a Midwestern winter). Yes, it’s NAMM time again….

Cycling ’74 Announces Pricing and Availability for Octirama

SURROUND DYNAMIC PROCESSOR FOR TDM SYSTEMS AES • New York • October 7, 2005 - Cycling '74, a software company based in San Francisco, today announced that Octirama, a Surround Dynamics Processor for Digidesign ProTools Systems, will be available November 1 for a MSRP of US$495.

The AES and other things….

Well, I'm finally back home after having survived two major-league spanking machines--the annual AES convention, and the annual International Computer Music Association conference, hosted this year in sunny Miami. It was a wild, exhaustive and fun couple of weeks. Perhaps I should talk about them both. Let's start with the AES....