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The Creators Project blog recently featured work by artist and maxer Ian Brill. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Ian on an earlier version of this project, and it was a total blast. Ian was kind enough to share some details of the project. I use max to generate a series of generative, gestural [...]

An Interview with Jasper Speicher

In this interview, Jasper explains his use of Max in prototyping large projects and creating tools.

An Interview with Julien Bayle

Learn how he uses custom hardware, Arduino, Ableton Live and Max to create his work.

Interviews with Matthew Ostrowski

Matthew discusses his latest installation and electronic instrument.

Catching up with SUE-C

Don’t worry fans of creativity, SUE-C is still creating thoughtful teases of imagery and transforming spaces to exercise and delight your imagination muscle. She uses Max for both her live performances and recorded work to animate hundreds of different objects (paper, photos, small models, shiny things, etc.) You can see pictures of her [...]

Particles installation exciting from every angle.

Daito, Motoi, and Friends show you the results of their beautiful and fluid creation, as well as some of the structure behind it. Watch the entire video to fully appreciate it! At the beginning of the video, I didn’t consider the physical structure on which the lights were moving, nor did I imagine that the [...]

An Interview with Andrew Demirijian

Producing artwork that incorporates technology and organic elements.

Max at NYEAF

Visit Governors Island for the New York Electronic Art Festival.

The Morning Line, Part 2: Surround Concepts

Surround concepts for The Morning Line.

An Interview with Kurt Ralske

Kurt Ralske is a mysterious and interesting artist who makes gorgeous and magical video installations that seem to defy physics. This is a second career for this talented guy who danced with life as a pop star when he was very young.

An Interview with Giorgio Sancristoforo

Giorgio Sancristoforo is a very enthusiastic artist, musician, audio engineer and software developer based in Milan, Italy. Giorgio incorporates Max/MSP into all his projects whether they are his interesting audio applications that sell for a modest price or his more artistic projects such as sound design for a large-scale composition culled from the sounds of [...]

An Interview with Chris Coleman

Artist and educator Chris Coleman is recognized in the Max community for his work on Maxuino, a Max interface to the popular Arduino microcontroller board. When I spoke with him, Chris also discussed his early sculpture work, teaching, collaborations, and how Max/MSP and Arduino fit into the evolving landscape of electronic media tools and [...]

An Interview with Robert Henke

Robert Henke is a brilliant electronic musician who records and performs under his own name and also as Monolake. His music has been described as minimalist yet complex techno with an architectural sound. For me, his music is very spatial and multi-dimensional.I find it takes me on an extraordinary journey through space and time, similar to a great work of fiction. Henke recently said, "The last century was about the creation of electronic music. This century is about performance."

A Video and Text Interview with Alex Stahl

Alex Stahl is a veteran collaborator and this has never been more evident than in his collaboration with Composer Paul Dresher for the opera Schick Machine. As Robert Henke pointed out in the recent Max/MSP/Jitter Conference, Expo '74, many of us spend years working on the same Max patch. Alex Stahl has spent years developing the Max/MSP patches that are at the core of Schick Machine. Along the way he's developed skills that landed him a fascinating job at Pixar Studios. Collaboration can be qui...

An Interview with Noriko Matsumoto

An amazing artist with an amazing range of work, read the interview of Noriko Matsumoto by Greg Taylor.

An Interview with Dana Karwas

When you think of multimedia technology you think mostly about the technology. When you experience Dana Karwas' work you think of the rich organic layers of experience. Dana is working in the nebulous grey area between art and design. As a trained architect she is commissioned to do design works for giants such as Knoll, yet as an artist she creates amazingly tactile and organic performances like her work Party Dress and the installation Fursicle. Although based in architecture, Dana’s work us...

A Video and Text Interview with Monome

Brian Crabtree (who performs under the name tehn) and his partner Kelli Cain are collectively known as monome. They design what they call adaptable, minimalist interfaces. The musical instrument industry calls them alternate controllers. There are currently three models that interface with a computer. There is no hard-wired functionality; interaction between the keys and lights is determined by the application (such as Max/MSP) running on the computer. Basically the monome units can do whatever ...

Announcing Max/MSP Version 5

Cycling '74 today announced Version 5.0 of its Max/MSP media development tools. This version represents a new era of Max programming, with a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. With a new patcher interface, searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation and new tutorials, the new Max user will find a smoother learning curve while experienced users will see improved productivity.

A Video Interview with North Pitney, Installation Artist

North Pitney: Making the virtual space real.

A Video Interview with Laetitia Sonami, Performer

Performance and Installation Using the Lady's Glove to build relationships.

A Video Interview with John deKron, Media & Video Artist

Controlling a Media Facade: The Bix Simulator and VJ software ES-X. Watch John's video.

A Video Interview with Barney Haynes, Media Artist & Educator

Installation and Performance Fabricating the interfaced machine. Watch Barney's video.