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Mira 1.1.7 is now available

Good news, everyone: Mira 1.1.7 is out. Don’t forget to download an updated version of the Mira package for Max, in addition to the new version of the Mira app. So what’s new in Mira 1.1.7? In a word, speed. With this new version, we wanted to focus on stability and speed. We optimized the [...]

Mira Video Roundup

Two months ago, Mira was born. Of course, that doesn’t mean that development has stopped–far from it. Since the moment it came into the world, Mira has continued growing steadily. At this point you might well be wondering just how little Mira is coming along. Well, according to, at two months of development “your [...]

Mira at NIME

Mira. It’s coming. In fact, if you find yourself in Daejeon on Wednesday the 29th, then you’ll be able to play with it in person. I’ll be demoing Mira as part of NIME, the 13th international conference for New Interfaces for Musical Expression. Hope to see you there!

An early look at our mobile development

At the Code Control Festival in Leicester England this past weekend we gave attendees an advance peek at some of our mobile projects. Sam Tarakajian, our principal mobile developer, showed a new iPad app, the Mira controller for Max, that makes it possible, with as close to zero configuration as possible, to make [...]

Taking Max Onstage With Herbie Hancock

Connecting a complex performance rig with Max.