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An Interview with WaveDNA

In this unique interview the WaveDNA team, the developers of Liquid Rhythm reveal how they have embraced Max in all the stages of their software development.

An Interview with Jasper Speicher

In this interview, Jasper explains his use of Max in prototyping large projects and creating tools.

An Interview with Ducky

Pushing the bounds of the genre she invented with Max for Live and Arduino.

A New Max for Live Video Course

Want to learn to create custom devices? Austin-based collective Bit Voltage is offering a new video course to help get you deeper into Max for Live. The course, developed by Nate Crepeault, introduces the basics of Max for Live from the ground up with a focus on using the Live API in a Max [...]

Announcing Max 6.1

Get Max 6.1 release details.

Pushing the Edit Button

Helpful tutorials and Max for Live projects to get you started.

Live Cubes

Our friends at Percussa have released a new Audio Cube powered Max for Live device called Soundor. Here’s a demo of cubist FM synthesis goodness:

Mouse On Mars use Max For Live and Jitter for “Parastrophics” tour

I’ve long been a fan of the German electronic group Mouse On Mars, but I’ve lost track of them the past few years. I was excited to see they have released a new album entitled Parastrophics earlier this year. For the live performances to support their new album, they [...]

An Interview with Icarus

Icarus discusses their “album in 1000 variations” and more.

Science Fair Projects, Part 2

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their musical performance work.

Max for Live Tutorial

Adding pattr Presets To Your Live Session

Week 16: Loadbang Method in Max for Live

Javascript loadbang method in Max for Live is not a good idea.

Max for Live Video Tutorials

In addition to new devices and lessons in the Max for Live update (Max 5.1.8/Live 8.2.2), there are a couple of new Live API features we would like to share with you in these short video tutorials. Many Max for Live devices utilize the Live API to control and keep track of different parts [...]

An Interview with Tom Erbe

SoundHack is a legendary, beloved, and free tool for mangling sound.

Noise Tutorial 1: Riding Tandem With The Random

In the last several tutorials I’ve written, I’ve been talking about a subject that interests me a great deal – how to add variety to a Max patch in ways that both provide you with surprising and interesting combinations and do so in ways that make the transition between your input and what your patch [...]

Sound On Sound Reviews Max for Live

In this review, Nick Rothwell explains Max for Live in terms of what the addition of Max offers to Live users. He also shares his perspective on what Live offers to Max users, something that is less commonly discussed.

LFO Tutorial 6 (Live if you want it)

Since a lot of people are interested in what the process of porting a Max patch for use in Max for Live looks like, I thought I’d take this tutorial as an opportunity to go over the steps I used to take my waveplayah patch and to convert it to a Max for Live device [...]