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Join the Mogees Action

Bruno Zamborlin developed a new product that will allow you to turn every day objects into musical instruments. The iOS software shown on the Kickstarter page is based on the Max patch that Bruno uses for his live performances and installations. Mogees consists of a mobile app and a small sensor that detects and [...]

An Interview with James Ryan

Does your doctor use Jitter? Whether it's doing visuals for Detroit musicians, audio-visual theater, or practicing medicine, James Ryan has found ways to expand his practice with Max.

Mini Interview: Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist.

An Evening With William Shatner Asterisk (and Max)

Our friend and co-worker, Rob Ramirez, shared some recent work with us and provided details on how he used Max. The best part is that you don’t have to be a fan of Star Trek… not that I’ve ever met someone like that. The show was built entirely with Max from start to finish. [...]

Video Interviews with Toni Dove and Luke DuBois

Learn about the history of Lucid Possession and the technological solutions used in the show, and how the entire complex system works.

An Interview with Ryan Holsopple

Max enables him to create new theatrical experiences.

An Interview with Tarik Barri on Tour with Monolake

Tarik Barri discusses his visual work with Monolake and more.

Lucid Possession Tickets on Sale

Next week, a special event will be happening in Brooklyn at Roulette. Toni Dove’s “Lucid Possession” premieres April 25, 26, and 27th. Those lucky enough to be in the vicinity will have the opportunity to experience this unique stage production — a “contemporary ghost story” featuring robotics, gorgeous costumes, and stunning voices and [...]

An Interview with Sue-C

Hear how Sue-C's unique performance approach comes together.

An Interview with Karl Kliem

Mouse on Mars visualist and long-time Max user shares his story.

VIA Music & New Media Festival

This weekend, I’m heading to Pittsburgh, PA to perform as part of the annual VIA Festival. VIA is an all-volunteer run festival that pairs hot musical acts with current visual artists to create a unique audiovisual experience. I’m excited to be part of the show, working with the original moombahton group [...]

Loud Objects

Loud Objects do live improvisational electronics, soldering complex noise circuits from scratch. The performance is as visual as it is sonic – they do all the soldering on the surface of an overhead projector, and you can see the smoke and spatter as their hands manipulate the silhouettes of microchips and wire. It’s more like [...]

Mouse On Mars use Max For Live and Jitter for “Parastrophics” tour

I’ve long been a fan of the German electronic group Mouse On Mars, but I’ve lost track of them the past few years. I was excited to see they have released a new album entitled Parastrophics earlier this year. For the live performances to support their new album, they [...]

Science Fair Projects, Part 2

At the 2011 Expo '74, some Max users exhibited their musical performance work.

An Interview with Damian Taylor

The producer/engineer talks about Björk's "Biophilia" and how Max challenged his linear view of music.

An Interview with Tarik Barri

An innovative young artist based in Holland.

An Interview with Randall Packer

Composer Randall Packer collaborated with Opera Singer Charles Lane, Designer Greg Kuhn and Director Melissa Weaver to create a theater piece entitled A Season in Hell, premiering at the Zero1 Festival in San Jose on September 17-19, 2010.

An Interview with Ali Momeni

Long-time Max user, artist, and educator Ali Momeni discusses his current projects including Minneapolis Art on Wheels and the Spark Festival. Ali shares how he got involved with Max and shares his latest work with us.

An Interview with Elise Baldwin

Elise Baldwin is an intermedia artist that works with music and projections. I find her work to be both fragile and dense, inspiring me creatively on several levels. She creates music that interacts with both live and recorded video.

An Interview with Robert Henke

Robert Henke is a brilliant electronic musician who records and performs under his own name and also as Monolake. His music has been described as minimalist yet complex techno with an architectural sound. For me, his music is very spatial and multi-dimensional.I find it takes me on an extraordinary journey through space and time, similar to a great work of fiction. Henke recently said, "The last century was about the creation of electronic music. This century is about performance."

Pamela Z’s Presentation from Expo ’74

In her first years of using Max, Pamela Z was able shed the hardware weight by building her own instrument in Max. Take a look inside her Max instrument and her custom controllers during this presentation from Expo '74.

Max for Live Presentation at Expo ’74

In this presentation, I spoke directly to people that were already familiar with Max, explained some of the details of working within the Live environment, and provided some tips about how to design an effective Live device. Hopefully this will whet your appetite for working with the Max/Live combo!