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Saxelectro Many Knob M4L device

by saxelectro

The Sax Many Knob M4L device is a knob parameter multiplier from 1 knob controller to 6 same knobs in order to multiply the same controller to 6 or more different devices to control anyware within or ...

Phidgets Libraries and Drivers

by phidgets

Phidgets are a set of user friendly building blocks for low cost USB sensing and controlling from your computer. Connect sensors, motors, LEDs and more to any Max program to create interactive install...

Distance Between Cities & Speed of Sound Calculator

by conorb

This is a quick tool for calculating the distance in km between two locations by inputting their latitude and longitude. It also gives you the number of minutes it would take a sound to travel from...

kissbox.cvtoolbox external for analog synthesizer control

by BenKissBox

The CVToolbox (manufactured by KissBox) is an hardware control module for analog synthesizers. It provides eight CV (Control Voltage) channels with 16 bits resolution to control any kind of analog syn...

Lucky Notes

by olivier

This very simple Max for Live device is meant to be a performance tool, designed to simplify midi sequences, and slowly build their final complexity. It randomly chooses notes that will play, accord...


by lemouton

This javascript-based patch analyses and makes statistics on the content of another patch. It is a small part of a project involving the maintenance of a big corpus of max-based works, where we nee...

[mxj sntpMaxClient], v0.1

by Patrick Delges

sntpMaxClient is a Java class based on the code available on It returns the date and time of a NTP server.

nanoKONTROL for max

by elloPropello

Hi, i've created a patch to connect the korg nanoKONTROL to your patches. works with scene one selected (however, you can adjust it to work with the other scenes, too). all buttons, sliders and kn...

ol.wsserver – embedded websocket/http webserver external

by oli larkin

control max patches from multiple web browsers source code here binaries here


by rodolphebourotte

This external implements the Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis algorithm invented by Iannis Xenakis.

STITCH by Ned Rush

by nedrush

STITCH by Ned Rush is a step sequencing glitch machine. Step + Glitch = Stitch. Mangle, mashup, re-invent your audio using this MaxForLive device inside Ableton Live.

Square pattern generator

by micron

This is a free tool to generate 300 dpi square pattern image from a 5 colors palette. Setting the number of pixels per inch gives you a print size of your image on the screen. You can save and load ...

Ula 1.1 Pitch Remapper and Velocity Shaper

by Ernest

This simple key-scale remapper, with eight scales and transposition picks up [channel:pitch:gate] messages from any source, optionally transposes it, remaps the pitch to standard scales, and forwards ...

Polyvoice Trio with Multiphonic Arpeggiator

by Ernest

A multichannel, polyphonic arpeggiator with played-note ordering in the arpeggiation. Multichannel operation lets it arpeggiate different sounds as well as different notes. Each sound plays in a diffe...

Select Abstractions (various, selinfo)

by Stephen Powell

Select abstractions are a variety of small patchers that perform useful functions with varying outputs. Particularly useful for keeping a patcher tidy when many selects are being used. Also includes a...


by Arvid Tomayko

A large and growing repository of Max 5/6 abstractions, javascripts, shaders, etc I've made and found useful over the years. Some will be generically useful to people, others are esoteric or specific ...

ULA 1.1 Message Ring

by Ernest

ULA provides a simple, open, and extensible way to connect many parts of a system together. All patches on the ring can send messages on a single wire to any other, wherever they are on the ring. It h...

Polyvoice Duo: 2-Channel Split/Unisono in Single Poly~

by Ernest

Polyoice Duo expands on the Polyvoice LRU allocator by providing two independent channels in one poly~. Any number of notes can on either channel, and each channel plays a different sound in the same ...

Launchpad Router

by Stephen Powell

Launchpad is a utility that allows for the automatic filtering of messages from the Novation Launchpad into Max/MSP in a convenient format, and allows for lighting feedback to be sent back to the laun...

Polyvoice: LRU Voice Allocator

by Ernest

This MAX patch demonstrates a complex, least-recently used (LRU) polyphonic voice allocator as a patcher opject, in a simple example patch. It does not require any externals. The design was created on...

M4L Morph Filter

by Myr

An audio filtering effect for Ableton Live built in Max for Live. The device allows you to morph between five different filters, each with its own filter type, cutoff, resonance and gain. It's a bit l...

Send messages from dict

by Err0r_500

Another little tool : as it usually happens in music with live electronics, the list of "cues" maybe be very long and may need to be modified during the compositional process. The goal of this tool is...

Macbook Keyboard

by Stephen Powell

Macbook Keyboard is a useful little abstraction for the convenient use of receiving keyboard messages. Having to used the 'key', 'keyup', and other related objects such as 'select' within your patch m...

Leap MoDULAtion

by LSka

A Max For Live device to control any Ableton Live parameter moving hands and fingers in 3D space using the Leap Motion. Based on aka.leapmotion external by Masayuki Akamatsu This is a very e...

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