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mtloo – a multitouch trackpad looper


mtloo¬†is a multitouch trackpad looper. It supports up to four loops and is meant to be used with Apple’s multitouch trackpad. The parameters which can be controlled with the trackpad are:¬†volume,¬†playback speed,¬†panning¬†(2ch),¬†effect feed¬†(wet/dry),¬†loop size,¬†loop starting point,¬†record new loop. For most of these parameters the user also has the possibility of saving and retrieving¬†presets.

You can see the looper in action here. (mtloo+electric guitar)

It is shared here as an example of putting together various techniques in creating a basic user interface which allows a user to control a Max/MSP patcher using only Apple’s multitouch trackpad for live performance. It is an example of putting to use some of the tools in the¬†matra¬†toolbox.


mtloo uses the following externals:

[fngerpinger] ‚Äď by¬†Max & Michael Eggers¬†(2009)
[gigaverb~] ‚Äď by Sadeharju & Matthes, updated by¬†Nadzharov¬†(2012)

You need to have a post-2008 intel macbook with a multitouch trackpad or a magic trackpad, and MacOSX Snow Leopard or later.

You are free to use, share, smoke, or cook this text and/or patcher, anywhere and for any reason (apart from the two externals above which are licensed by their respective owners and should be used accordingly.)

mtloo – a multitouch trackpad looper

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