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A Max external, reports local maxima


by rdudas

perform the mathematical inversion of a NxN matrix.


by rdudas

James McCartney's List Operators compiled for Max4.2 on OSX. includes a few NEW externals! (and includes source code, as always)


by Joshua Kit Clayton

like the defer object, but always places at the tail of the queue. this is unlike the defer object, which if called at interrupt, places the task at the front of the queue, and otherwise executes imme...


by Joshua Kit Clayton

bitsafe~ detects NaN(not a number) and +/- infinity, in an incoming signal and replaces any occurences with zero.

Max Overviews

by stefantiedje

In search of objects an Overview patch is always helpful, but it's hard to keep track of all the 3rd party overview files and for the standard Max distribution it's missing as well.


by topher lafata

Java classes for the Max mxj extern which enable the execution of OS system commands from within Max.(OS X,PC)


by jhno

mmparse converts motormix MIDI into fader/knob/button messages in Max/MSP. mmformat converts fader/knob/button messages into MIDI.


by nick rothwell / cassiel

Registry is a bit like a coll object, but supports a hierarchical directory structure, so that it can be used in library patchers and bpatchers which need to save and restore their own state, by using...

Signal Meters

by Timothy Place

a group of signal meters built with lcd and created to be used in bpatchers. This includes tap.AquaGain~ - an Aqua themed stereo meter/slider combo pictured below.


by Mitch Turner

The Remote_SL collection allows you to easily use the Novation Remote SL with Max.

granular stretcher

by Mattijs

Real-time, natural sounding granular time stretcher / pitch shifter, version 010, patches only. Download test sounds here (15 MB). This patch uses the pitch~ object by CNMAT, that you can download her...

McCartney list bridge

by Atau Tanaka

Some compatibility abstractions to bridge old ways of managing lists (McCartney objects) and new objects (zl).

Attractors Library

by Miroslav

A collection of MAX-MSP/Jitter externals, Javascript objects and patches based on iterative mathematical equations representing nonlinear dynamic systems. The mapping examples show how certain attr...

Pluggo File Handling

by Darwin Grosse

Pluggo File Handling


by leighhunt



by Anders Dahl

update to the original spronggg lcd-based pop-up menu widget, with numerous improvements and useful additions


by Darwin Grosse



by mattly

image files, and a max patcher containing some controls that use them.


by Joshua Kit Clayton

generate unique id. OS 9/X. source included.


by Francois Weber

Like dialog, but open a window as a dialog box for text entry. ! work with 'hidemenubar' enable !


by rdudas

fade your monitor to black by adjusting its gamma value! (this is intended as a replacement for the old 68k-only 'GammaFade' object)


by Jeremy Bernstein

create pattr "sharepoints" (named aliases to patchers) for convenient communication across patcher hierarchies

8-channel panner

by dodgeroo

This patch allows you to pan a soundfile and/or input in up to eight channels using the trajectory object (by JB Thiebaut), math by Yves Gigon and the rest by Carey Dodge, 2005 (doodgeroo'at'