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matra – multitouch trackpad tools

by laonikoss

This is a collection of various tools, tricks, techniques for using the magic trackpad in controlling various objects in the Max/MSP environment, including sliders, multisliders, matrices, waveforms, ...

APC 40 Mapped out in Max

by emmettemmett

Here it is at your disposal, there is lots you can do with this little fella ----------begin_max5_patcher---------- 4341.3oc6c0zbijib8b2+JXnyZvfLS74dxN75v9hO5SqmnCJI1p4NpIUPxt8 Ldi8+tAJ1jDPhR.o...


by tkzic

Update 9/8/2013 - The Twitter examples were broken. They are fixed and have been updated to use version 1.1 of the API (oauth). The projects demonstrate 3 methods of authentication: - the streaming...

by Rob Ramirez provides native support for the Hap quicktime codec. Images are decoded and rendered directly to an OpenGL texture. Non-hap quicktime files are also supported. To play Hap optimized files, ...

M4L Digital Glitcher

by Akihiko Matsumoto

BPM Sync Glitch Effect for ableton Max for Live Audio Track. Demo Movie about Digital Glitcher Get D...

M4L Midi Latch Box

by egnouf

Midi Latch Box V1.2 (7th March 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a simple and nice midi latch box for your virtual instrument or sequencer. I created this tool to make nice MIDI N...

OSC to Send

by Charles Matthews

Use this abstraction to send information to any send/receive path in your patch. Designed for quick and easy access via apps such as TouchOSC ( or Lemur (http://li...

pedagogic synthetizer

by PapyLives

This is a simple and pedagogic synthetizer all made in Max 6 Get the updated version.

Mr Matrix – Draggable FX routing system.

by leafcutter

UPDATED 24th March 2013 - FX box position can now be used to modulate FX - This is massively fun BTW! Download V3 below. I was teaching the other day and one of my students had this patch with lots...

Max Jitter Javascript Documentation

by timtation

A simple JavaDoc style javascript reference. You're welcome to help to complete this documentation.

The Consonant Keyboard

by ekcrisp

The consonant keyboard is an instrument that allows you to incorporate more pure, justly-tuned intervals into standard equal temperament. This patch maps intervals on a standard midi keyboard to user-...


by JoãoMenezes

Java external for computing the Delaunay Triangulation of a given set P of n points in 2 dimensional space


by JoãoMenezes

Drag, drop and manage multiple audio files.


by JoãoMenezes

Recursive node manager.  Add and Remove an infinite number of Nodes. Navigate through the menu and resize each one.

Export 3d .obj files from Max


Patch by Sterling Crispin 2013 Added more primitive options for generative geometry and cleaned up a few behaviors by Sterling Crispin 2013 tri_fan2 , quad_grid2 , tri_strip2 Version 0.92 (v3) ...

The Knobulator by Ned Rush

by nedrush

The Knobulator is here. MaxForLive device for mashing up audio in realtime. Turn the knob and the effect comes on, stop turning it and it turns off. There are other options. Great for live performance...

M4L Drum Box Sequencer

by egnouf

Drum Box V3.3 (20th May 2013) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; a xox sequencer with a simple user interface and efficient functions. ...


by rafaelvalle

rvStutter is a standalone application inspired on iZotope's Stutter Edit. It samples live audio in a buffer and manipulates it dynamically in a "myriad of ways" Features include: - Stutter effect...


by rafaelvalle

for MAX 5.1.7 and above rvSpectrumRotation is a max external that allows the user to easily rotate the spectrum of a sound by specifying a rotation axis. Features include: - Axis (in Sample...

Spectrogram Application

by robertobecerra

By using the pfft object in Max MSP I created simple video source of 50 by 50 pixels (50×50 matrix) so it can be used as a control for a LED matrix of the same dimensions. The process if very si...


by Mattijs

smpte~ is an object for Max/MSP that generates a SMPTE time code audio signal. It is based on the open-source libltc library by Robin Gareus. Requires Max 6 or higher, currently Mac OS X only. ...

iCube and oCube

by I-CubeX

These plugins for Max facilitate the integration of I-CubeX digitizers in your Max patches. Features include: Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor stimulation results in decreasing...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A simple PRESET DIAL utility for 16 presets.   Recall settings really quickly with this!   Takes up the same room on your interface as an Ableton dial if you reduce the typeface ...


by whiteboxsynthmakers

A Max for Live PRESET recaller interface plus patch.   Use it in your own device design. Will not work on its own.   Detailed instructions, if required, inside the patcher.