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by mzed

M4L BufferShuffler Device modded for Lemur UI. Also includes Lemur Project.


by mgarriss

A MIDI dial designed to be used and configured during a live performance with two embedded mini-dials for setting upper and lower bounds, slam buttons, changeable background color and label.

Evil Tonelab

by roger.carruthers

A modular performance/sound design/composition tool, inspired by and building upon Leafcutter John's Framework patch. It uses Alex Harker's dynamicdsp~ objects (Mac only), to enable bpatchers to be ...

bubble mapping

by Johannes

This video tool uses dark areas in a picture to generate gridshape-spheres with the object. The black/white graduation is used for the size of the spheres and the depth (z-axis) All...


by Johannes

The jmx.quantizer analyzes incoming events and maps their duration (value or break) to the metric of  the global transporter. That means you may use this tool to evaluate note-values from other pl...


by Johannes

Another Looper! Play back a sample with small selections, define position, duration, rate and grain-pause between the events by using the x/y-panels left x/y-panel - position, duration right ...

Midi Progression Generator / Recorder

by Johannes

This tool generates chords and you are able to record the midi sequence with the recorder 1. define the density for the chord-generation (right top) 2. start the transporter (right bottom) 3....

harmony maker

by Johannes

The library includes 3 tools: scale-maker - scale generator based on key/octave chord-maker - uses incoming scale and selects the notes to generate a chord based on the selected harmony function...

sound slicer

by Johannes

The tool slices a buffer into chunks based on notevalues. The values are translated into the Global Transports time-domain, so it is tempo-independent. It is a pattern-generator for the buffer s...

Livid Controllers and Max

by Peter Nyboer

This patch provides examples on how to map MIDI controls to Max interface elements and, presumably, the rest of your patch. With examples of toggles, momentary, radios buttons, sliders, pots, and enco...

FFT-based binaural panner

by Jakob Hougaard Andersen

The FFT-based binaural panner is not an external, but rather a project that consists of a couple of Max patches and 43 pairs of HRTF-subject files to be read by jit.matrix~. It was created in 2011 ...


by Peter McCulloch

My adaptation of Stilson's Moog code.  I think the tuning is a bit improved and the resonance is more even, though it is moderately more expensive. It's written using gen~, so you must have Max 6;...

MSC For Live

by David Butler

MSC For Live’ is a Max For Live device for the purpose of adding using MIDI Show Control commands to control and playback scenes and clips in Live. It is currently only supported on OS X due to depe...

Midi/Key Mapper

by atomwrath

Quickly and easily map a midi controller or computer keyboard to any object in a patch. Automatically saves mappings with patch or save/load from separate file. Built in scaling (linear, exponen...

ol controls

by oli larkin

A collection of abstractions and JSUI scripts implementing various controls. Including a clickable list, a vertically-stitched png graphical knob/dial control, and a nice looking kslider. ol.pngkno...

OSCseq – Open Sound Control timeline

by Mattijs

OSCseq is a basic OSC sequencer. It's a timeline tool that can record and play back any Open Sound Control message, has basic editing functionality, supports automatic OSC device discovery (Bonjour), ...

Build a Radio in Max

by tkzic

Software Defined Radio in Max/MSP. A four part tutorial with example patches. Part 1 - Design, IQ Signals, Mixing Part 2 - Bandscope, AGC, AM Part 3 - FM, Audio Filters Part 4 - Device Co...


by adamflorin

Loom is a generative music platform for Ableton Live. It is currently under re-development. Please sign up at to stay in the loop.

MIDI to Message

by Peter Nyboer

A totally awesome javascript that works in tandem with the midiin and midiout objects. This is a simpler version of the MIDI engine in Livid's Cell and CellDNA video mixing software. MIDI to Message...

Inertial sensing in Max

by I-CubeX

These Max patches enable you to easily use inertial sensor data in your Max software. I-CubeX inertial sensors allow you to capture various parameters: Acceleration: GForce3D-6 Orientati...

tLb – a framework for rapid max patching

by g2312

tLb is a collection of abstractions to simplify the building of applications with MaxMSP. Its architecture is based in parts  on the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Inside you find abstractions...

Sensing people in a room

by I-CubeX

Instrument a room for an interactive installation and make visitor movements matter by using motion sensor data  within Max. Create interactives for exhibits. I-CubeX motion sensors allow you to ...

Biosensing in Max

by I-CubeX

A quick and easy way to connect, configure, process, map and route I-CubeX biopotential sensors within Max. Research and experiment with human body neurophysiology. I-CubeX biopotential sensors all...

Mobile Phones + Max

by Nathan Bowen

This is a bundle of patches intended to help get you off the ground in using mobile phones to control Max. As I like to have several phones connecting to Max in a network setup, I use of udprecei...

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