Yofiel 1.1 Pitch Remapper and Velocity Shaper

This simple key-scale remapper, with eight scales and transposition picks up [channel:pitch:gate] messages from any source, optionally transposes it, remaps the pitch to standard scales, and forwards the message to the Polyvoice multichannel controller on the same channel. Preset scales are major, minor, blues, and pentatonic.


To complement the key-scale remapper, this velocity shaper adjusts the velocity for different keyboard controllers. It provides a single-breakpoint curve with adjustable breakpoint and curve slope, which are both saved with the patch.


Both are part of the gowing module library for the Ula ring messaging architecture, to which the main link on the right will take you. The ULA ring is a simple, open, and extensible way to connect many parts of a system together. All Ula subpatches can send messages to each other on single-wire ring, and they can be any sequence on the ring. The Ula controller can display all ring communication and stops stack overflow due to endlessly cycling messages. All messages passing through the Ula controller may optionally be printed to the to the Max debug window with a timestamp. Because the controller receives all ring messages, it can also manage message recording and playback, to recreate any AV composition on the Ula system.