Max for Live Video Tutorials

In addition to new devices and lessons in the Max for Live update (Max 5.1.8/Live 8.2.2), there are a couple of new Live API features we would like to share with you in these short video tutorials.

Many Max for Live devices utilize the Live API to control and keep track of different parts of a Live Set. Due to popular demand, these mappings are now saved within a Live Set and saved Racks, making it easier to use these smart devices in your Set.

Another often-requested feature was the ability to easily map live.object and live.remote~ to whatever is currently selected by the mouse. This is similar to how Live’s MIDI-mapping system works, and it made sense to extend this functionality to the Live API.

We’ve also added a new Max object called live.thisdevice. Max for Live users wanted the ability to keep track of the various states of their device, and know for certain when their device is completely loaded and ready to go. The new live.thisdevice provides this info and more.

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