An Audio Podcast about Visual Programming?

This all began as a joke within the “Material Team” – since we do a visual programming language, we should have an audio podcast! We could do virtual patching with phrases like “You really need to connect the second outlet of the umenu, because that’ll give you what you really want for the midiout object.” Yuck, yuck, yuck.

But, just for fun, I decided to give it a try anyway. You know what? It turns out it is really fascinating. The reasons is that you don’t talk programming; rather, you talk about inspiration, creativity, hard work, personal backgrounds and future visions. In fact, behind every stack of code is a very interesting person, and chatting with them for a podcast turns out to be very interesting.

I’ve put up the first three episodes (since that’s what is required to begin the iTunes process), and will be doing one new podcast each week until I exhaust myself. If you are interested in being interviewed, or if you know someone that should be interviewed, drop me a line and let me know.

The web page that libsyn maintains for the podcast is here: The ArtMusicTech Podcast

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