It’s All About the Beans

Cycling ’74 may not have made it to the 2014 Most Admired Companies list, but maybe sharing our obsession with coffee — since you already heard of the one with cats — will get us a few more admirers. Don’t worry, we love tea, juice, and other tasty liquids, too.

We agree: It’s all about the beans. Second to that, we use different kinds of gear. Here are some of our favorites plus a few tips:

  • Tim uses a french press with these instructions:
    1. use a super coarse grind
    2. don’t skimp! 2 tablespoons per cup. If you use too little coffee it ends up getting kinda acidy and gnarly.
    3. don’t use boiling water, it will ruin it (especially if you have a light roast) — water should be around 195-200 F.
    4. because the water is colder, I recommend pre-heating your cup (I usually just pour some extra hot water into it while the press steeps)
    5. let it soak 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. usually this doesn’t need to be precise, but with some coffees it seems to make a difference
  • Joshua prefers the simplicity of a slow pour.
  • AndrewB’s brother-in-law swears by the AeroPress. Yes, we get our families involved in the obsession, too.
  • Wes is a fan of his Bialetti Christmas gift.
  • Jill uses the Clever Coffee Dripper every day, a gift from her brother. [Note that we are giving gift advice here, too.]
  • Florian may get the gold medal for his use of the ROK Presso at home, and specifies that not all beans work well with it.
  • And just to prove that we’re not all coffee snobs, BenN admitted he had a delicious cup at McDonald’s this morning.

My question is: How can Max become a part of our coffee-making ritual?

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