Max and Ableton Link

Max Objects for Link

New Link-based objects and a clocksource extension are available via the Package Manager in Max 7 (File > Show Package Manager). The Link package allows for Max patchers and standalone applications to be connected via Ableton’s Link wireless sync.

This opens up exciting creative possibilities. Now you can put your own groove-oriented laptop band together with ease. No more complicated MIDI beat sync cabling – just get on wifi and go. You can instantly sync Ableton Live, iOS apps, and Max 7, as well as use beat and tempo data to sync the video patchers alongside your audio.

Classic Max Sequencing Tools

In addition to the core Link functionality, we’ve added updated versions of classic Max sequencing tools. Synth guru Darwin Grosse has reworked ddg.arp, ddg.mono and ddg.gate to have extra functionality and work seamlessly with Link.

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