Every Grain of Sound

    I have a confession to make: I am a granular synth addict! I still remember the first time I heard Fennesz’s Endless Summer and wanted to know how that incredible sound was made. I dug deeper and learned about Granular Synthesis. Granular synthesis has been associated with Max for as long as I can recall. Achieving lushness requires a lot of voices and multiple grains, so it’s always been dependent on external objects and - oh yeah - it's been CPU-crushing.
    Brendan McCloskey’s Max Project "granary" is a refreshing take on this popular process. Inspired by old 3rd party externals and Max patchers like grainstretch and sugarsynth, Brendan reinterprets this popular form of sound manipulation using only gen~ and vanilla Max objects, ensuring this iteration will work cross-platform - and long into the future.

    Max Project Granary #846 - a Quick Overview

    Be sure to check the project comments for updated versions of granary from Brendan, as well as further details on its use. And enjoy the grains!