About Me

Freeka Tet / Sgure is a musical multifaceted's project focused on finding an instinctive and radical audio language generated by the intermediary of modified gamepads, sensors and DIY Softwares. Every facets of this work are constantly changing, which clears the various modes of sound's generation in a reflex mode, intuitive and playful. A Sgure live is like an attack of epilepsy, convulsive and unpredictable in staccato deconstruction . « Flip flop mind, Extreme violent bursts, silence, speech, brush teeth, hard rock samples, strange atmospheres, Burgers , American Idol Icon, crackles, retardation, puking static, rocking a gabber party, cutting a worm in half and watching both parts moving, get a watch tatoo on his wrist, confusing videogames with music, drawing little puke characters on friends faces …» Releases: Ipecac, Le dernier Cri, VVM Vukzid, School of meat cutting, Fathme, Cock rock disco, Hirntrust, Wwilko, Tozitodik,Grindcore Karaoké.