Bazu Gaonkar

    It's no secret that today they are massively “moving” from stationary consoles to mobile gadgets. The developers make every effort so that people have the opportunity to pass the time for their favorite game during a break at work, when traveling in public transport and so on. This approach is beneficial to both parties: gambling sites earn money and expand their audience, and players satisfy their thirst for excitement. Everything is in the black. Remembering the story, we can conclude that mobile phones got access to the Internet relatively recently. So, just some thirty years ago, 1G networks appeared through which data was transferred. A real boom in the mobile device market has occurred with the advent of 2G technology. Already at this stage, the developers assumed that mobile devices would be used as gaming platforms. A real breakthrough in the gaming industry was observed immediately after the appearance of smartphones on the market. Not many people know that the first iPhone came off the assembly line just ten years ago, after which dozens of famous brands competed for it, which in a relatively short period of time were able to popularize their products around the world. In fact, the main competitive MacOS today is still Android technology, which Google introduced just a year after the advent of the iPhone. Since then, the progress of the mobile market has exceeded all expectations, which was greatly facilitated by the spread of 4G networks. Hundreds of gaming sites enable users to choose thousands of varieties of gambling, and the mobile Internet allows you to access them 24 hours a day. And if today the graphics and gameplay of mobile applications can surprise even an experienced gambler, you can only imagine what developments await us ahead.

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