Nicola Boniwell

    Poseidon held the youth close to him, his free hand running down the youth's hairless breast and lean belly. Pelops had been murdered by his own father and cut up to mock the gods, but the gods had seen through the trickery, all but Demeter, and had brought him back to life, more beautiful now than before. Poseidon kissed the youth's strong neck and continued lightly running his free hand over his body. "I have a treat for you," he growled softly into Pelops' ear. "Don't be afraid." Pelops moaned softly, wishing the god's hand would slide lower. His cock was already fully erect but the god was not touching him down there. Still Poseidon was good to him, taking his time to teach him about man on man sex. Tonight in Poseidon't palace he was going to learn something few mortals ever experienced. The clear warm water swirled around them, the gentle current brushing Pelops' body, teasing his nipples and cock. The water seemed to gel before his eyes and settled over his groin. Posiedon started toying with one tightened nipple, and whatever was nestled over Pelops' cock set his nerves on fire. The gelatinous creature slipped a tentacle down between his legs and slowing pushed its way into his virgin ass. Poseidon had not yet breached his body, and he was very tight, but Pelops was certain the god would be claiming him. Writhing in Poseidon's arms as the creature sucked and fucked him. The tendril in his ass swelled with each stroke until it was as large as a man's cock. Over and over it pumped in and out of him. Poseidon pinched his nipple hard and then moved his hand to the other one. Pelops gasped loudly as a powerful orgasm ripped through his body and lingered. "Good, good," Poseidon crooned and kissed the side of the youth's neck. The creature slipped away and disappeared. With his own huge cock in need of attention, Poseidon laid the youth back on the bed of silk and seaweed and raised Pelop's legs. Throwing them over his shoulders, Poseidon, ran a finger into the tender anus. So sweet and still so tight. Setting the head of his cock against the hole, he slowly pushed into the youth's hot body. Pelops arched his back and clutched at the sheets with his hands. Once he was all the way inside, Poseidon waited a moment, letting the youth become accustomed to the feel of a hard hot cock in his ass. "I want you to come again," Posiedon growled softly and slowly pulled his cock back. A slip of his spine and he was thrusting back into Pelop's tight hole. "Play with you nipples. I want to watch you." Pelops did as he was told. It felt so good. His entire body was thrumming now with blind lust. Every stroke of Poseidon's huge cock brushed something inside of him that was unbelievably sensitive. More sensitive than his cock. "Don't cum just yet," Poseidon told the beautiful youth. "Not yet." Pelops only vaguely heard the command. He was too caught up in the pounding his ass was taking and the way his nipples ached and sent jolts down to his neglected cock. But it didn't matter, Poseidon't huge cock was driving in and out of him now as hard as Poseidon could pound him. The sound of slapping flesh came in rapid succession. "Now!" Poseidon ordered sharply and slammed his cock hard into the youth's ass. Pelops surrendered to the order, his body shaking as hot cum squrted out of his hard cock. Poseidon emptied his load into the willing body and smiled. Yes. This was good. "I could do this all night," he said to the beautiful mortal. Another goblet of wine and Pelops drifted off to sleep in Poseidon's arms. Some time before morning, Poseidon and Pelops sucked and stroked each other to another orgasm. The youth's mouth was so hot and sweet on Poseidon's cock, his tongue lashing it like a butterfly. Poseidon took the youth's cock into his mouth and almost swallowed it. He sucked on it greedily, and drank down the cream without gagging. Pelops still had a little to learn about giving oral sex, particularly since the cock he was swallowing was so huge. He needed to learn to open his throat so Poseidon could fuck his mouth without gagging him. All the next day Poseidon played with his new pet. Pelops was so perfect, he would have been a fool not to partake of this much perfection. Never leaving his bedroom, he had food and drink brought to them. And just because it aroused him, Poseidon made Pelops wear a leather toy up his ass. It kept the youth in a constant state of arousal. Poseidon knew he could not keep Pelops, that one day his young lover would found a dynasty, but he pretended for the time being that this beautiful creature would be his always. When his lust for Pelop's body became too great, Poseidon removed the toy and settled back on his couch. Pelops, his cock so full erect, smiled wickedly and settled his body on top of Posiedon's huge cock. Seated there a moment, getting the feel of the cock inside of him, Pelop's moaned deliciously and closed his eyes while Poseidon caressed the tip of his cock with his fingers. Pelops began to rock back and forth, sliding Poseidon's cock in and out of his ass while Poseidon stroked his cock with both hands now. Pelops was becoming the perfect boy whore. Unfortunately Poseidon had to leave for Olympus on business and could not take his lovely pet with him. To make sure Pelops did not get into any trouble, Poseidon left him in the care of two merman, Alcides and Triton. The mermen were long and lovely with dark green hair that flowed about their shoulders like seaweed. Scales that flashed gold and green and black and sometimes red and silver, covered their lower bodies. They took him swimming. The feel of warm water on his body was so sensuous. Pelops loved it and ran his hands down his naked body. Alcides swam up behind him and took him in his arms. The merman's enormous cock appeared and slipped between Pelops' legs. "Do you want to fuck?" the merman asked wickedly. Pelops could barely get his consent out before the merman pushed him forward and forced his legs apart. Pelops moaned as the huge long cock worked its way inside of him. Triton swam beneath Pelops and faced him. His huge cock rubbed against Pelops' smooth belly. Pelops was being pushed through the water by Alcides' whose enormous cock was buried deep inside of him. Triton's cock rubbed his belly. The mermen got into sync and started thrusting and pulling back at the same time. At one point Alcides stopped and changed positions so Pelops was in front of him with his legs open wide. Alcides grabbed his thighs and fucked him for all he was worth. Triton pushed his cock into Pelops' face and urged him on. Greedy and horny, Pelops sucked the merman's dick. They all came together. When Poseidon returned he found his boy well used and quite contented. Poseidon wanted to keep Pelops but the Fates had decreed otherwise. One day in the future he was going to have to let him go, in the mean time the god of the seas was going to use that sweet body to his heart's content.

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