Franklin County Bail Bonds

    Addresses 244 FL-65, Eastpoint, FL 32328 Phone Numbers 850-359-3052 Keywords Franklin County Bail Bonds Call us at any of these numbers and we will help you get back to normal. 1) What is a Bail Bond in Savannah? A bail bond, sometimes known as a surety bond, by definition is a “formal, legally enforceable contract between a first party (the principal or obligor), a second party (the customer or obligee), and a third party (the surety, such as Saseen Bonding Company) whereby Saseen Bonding Company guarantees payment of a specified maximum sum, or to otherwise compensate (indemnify), the obligee against damage or loss caused by the actions (or a failure to perform) of the obligor).” You are guaranteeing that the defendant will appear in court in Savannah each and every time he/she is ordered to do so by the court. 2) What if the defendant misses court?

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