Ily hernamdes

    I was more than ready for the end of the night that third night after his evil predicament game. It had been one of his shortest games too and yet it had been freaking awful of him. My store was immaculate from the days that followed because I was in an endless state of restlessness, organizing and cleaning every chance I got. And by the end of the third day, I was updating the little tablet I used that connected to my register, making sure everything was ordered and cared for while Tate ran the register up until closing. He was in higher and higher spirits the closer it got to quit time too and the mood was infectious, so despite my frustrations, I had turned sassy through the night and he was laughing at every turn. “I’m really glad people pre-build MTG decks online and share them because I feel like that’s where most of our freaking revenue comes from.” I said it while finishing with the tablet and heard the door open right as closing time was about to hit for Tate to go home. And I had already established that he could just leave and I’d handle any other last minute customers or events. But he never just peaced out. Instead, still laughing at my statement, he asked, “How can I help you?” And then another voice answered, the voice from my worst nightmares and best dreams, the voice that tortured me. It was soft and smiling and not over the phone to greet me. “Tuesday already knows and has it.” My world seemed to stop. I shot upright from my chair over the tablet but didn’t immediately turn around. Which probably made me look psychotic, but I was scared to. Tate turned to me. “Tuesday... you know what’s up?”

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