Sheldon Cooper

    .Writer of the articles in the newspaper . Graduated from the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy. I have a lot of experience in and have a fairly large portfolio of professional work and niche-based articles about tech issues. I also have experience working with many reputable magazines in different industries and copywriting certificates. I am also the chief editor of my website for writing articles. In an analytical research paper, the subject matter is examined by dividing it into its various components. These components are then examined further, with reference to existing literature. The examinations of the different components are then integrated to provide a perspective of the subject matter. In an argumentative research paper, on the other hand, an argument is first established. Supporting information is then acquired and utilized to strengthen the argument. For example, various books about globalization can be used to support the argument that globalization is the most significant consideration in business today. In completing a research paper, one has to bear in mind that it has to make use of research and has to have only minimal opinion. Too much opinion can make the research paper less substantial. Opinions, however, are sometimes necessary in making the research paper more readable and understandable. Essays are pieces of writing that are intended to present the author’s point of view regarding a specific topic. The emphasis on the author’s point of view makes the essay quite subjective and can therefore include a lot of opinion. However, essays are, in general, free from fictional thoughts, and should establish a realistic representation of the author’s point of view.

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